Institute of tuberculosis on the verge of extinction: not enough money for food for the patients and the salaries of doctors

Director National Institute of Phthisiology and pulmonology named after. Yanovsky of NAMS of Ukraine, academician Yuri Feshchenko said about the critical situation in the Institute of tuberculosis. According to Feshchenko, the state does not Finance the treatment of patients with tuberculosis, although it is provided by the Law of Ukraine. In addition there is a shortage in the amount of 2 million UAH to pay wages to employees, writes UNN.

“It so happened that in the month of January – zero hryvnia funding of nutrition of patients and by 20 January for medicines also zero hryvnias were allocated. And in addition, increase in wages. We have 1124 employee, and 28 of them fall under the wage increase. So us is not something that someone gave something to this compensation – we have a deficit of 2 million 334 thousand UAH. And this in the month of January. the lack of wages we have around 80%,” – said Feschenko.

According to him, in the clinic of the Institute for treatment is 280 patients with active tuberculosis.

“In total, 280 patients with active tuberculosis, and this group we have a socially secure because the government guarantees free treatment. And the children – 70 patients – actually double protected. We can’t give them pills and don’t feed them. And we patients are the most severely affected patients from all regions of Ukraine. Patients who are unable to establish a diagnosis on the spot, or problems of treatment, ” he said.

According to the academician, in connection with the underfunding of staff retires, and collect willing to work with various forms of tuberculosis very difficult.

“We ceased from 1 January hospitalization of patients. Tablets we can find, but the food, I’m not talking about a full, balanced diet, which is one of the elements of the complex therapy of patients with tuberculosis – no,” said Feschenko. According to the physician, it is impossible to eat yourself sick, because it is a violation of the sanitary laws.

He added that the Institute had already addressed a letter to the Prime Minister about this situation, and appealed to the deputies.

“Prime Minister, we wrote and even used the expression that we have, if we take the example of our Institute and on the profile and in a situation that is a humanitarian catastrophe: hundreds of people turned out to be unhealthy in this situation, because according to all the laws of world and Ukrainian TB patients, especially if they are in the hospital are provided with free meals, free treatment and I’m not talking about the problem of utility bills. The Institute is on the verge of extinction almost, and we, the research institution of this type, common all over Ukraine. by the way, in this situation, not only our Institute, all the institutions, ” he said.

As reported previously honored doctor of Ukraine, Mikhail Kostylev reported that the National Institute of surgery and Transplantology. Shalimov was in a critical situation with financing. Not enough means for payment of salaries and payment of energy.