Syria: a new twist after a chemical attack?

Syrian nights, there seems to be no end. A number of the unbearable images of the devastated lands in the six years of conflict continues to grow. Photos of dead children, whose frozen bodies are not visible wounds. Bodies scattered on the ground, paralyzed by a toxic gas. On first evidence, it was used chemical weapons. Inexcusable even for those who want to explain everything.


For several months we tried to believe that the civil war in Syria lull. Alas, cruelty and political absurdity does not stop. In this new barbaric RAID of suspected Syrian regime — so think both on the ground and in foreign missions. If the responsibility of Damascus for the air attack are confirmed, then it will be difficult to understand the logic of this act. Militarily, Assad is no longer being pushed into a corner, as it was before. And diplomatically, the West just gave them some space.


Will this deadly attack new turning point in this conflict? A little early to talk about it. But it was at the time of noticeable progress. Recently, in America and in Europe has changed its approach to the conflict. The departure of Bashar al-Assad has gone from being “top priority.” It is clear that it was decided to leave it until the end of the transition period. Namely, before the expiration of his tenure in 2021, before moving on to something else…


Due to this position of Washington and Moscow in this question closer. Putin has allowed Trump to launch an offensive against the militants “Islamska state” (a terrorist organization banned in Russia — approx.ed.) in raqqa, using Kurdish and sometimes Arabic forces. Instead, the Russians continued to “manage” the so-called useful Syria, and to observe Damascus. But if the transaction had taken place, she assumed that Russia and maybe Iran, will calm the zeal of his Syrian protégé. And will control it.


As it turns out, in this latest nightmare, there is no logic? Perhaps, after all, and she’s one of the worst. According to her the parties to the conflict often think that the chaos is their best ally. And so he supported indefinitely, becoming immovable.


The Syrian war continues to gather the fruits of evil deeds.