Scientists have named one of the very dangerous consequences of sleep deprivation

American scientists have come to unusual conclusions, demonstrating that chronic lack of sleep in the long term, can cause destruction of bone tissue. This is accompanied by symptoms of osteoporosis, according to “Orthodox”.

The materials for the final presentation preparing for the beginning of the opening of the 99th annual Meeting of endocrinologists in Orlando (FL). After that, most likely, the research results will be published in a scientific journal to update the public.

It was found that three weeks of regular sleep disorders in the form of deprivation and delayed sleep enough to ensure that recorded changes in the bone balance, which in the future could lead to irreversible damage and susceptibility to fractures.

Comprehensive analysis was subjected to a mixed-age group of men. Them for three weeks artificially increased day by four hours (every day they went to bed four hours later). After completion of the experiment all took blood tests. The results showed significant changes in bone markers in the negative direction. Especially strongly it was expressed at younger members.

Scientists came to the conclusion that lack of sleep can cause irreversible physiological changes in the bone tissue (depletion, destruction, mass loss) that can later lead to breakage and problems with the joints. Sleep deprivation is especially dangerous for young people, whose bone formation is not yet complete. For further results we will also need a series of consecutive experiments.