Japan and Russia: the way to develop relations

Than in Russia the absolute power of the stronger, the freer it becomes. In the 19th century it was written by the writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Maybe the Russians are even more wanted a strong leader after a long period of socialism?

President Putin, who visited Japan last year, left the impression of a hard-nosed person with whom it is extremely difficult to deal with. I felt that he strives to squeeze out of the negotiations for maximum effect, and not to come to a mutually beneficial cooperation. Putin is behaving stubbornly and does not choose the means to achieve the goal.

Economic cooperation with Japan in the far East region should be attractive to Russia, which came under pressure from the Chinese capital and population in the region. Oil prices are recovering, but are still at a low level. In this regard, Russia is in a difficult financial situation.

While with regard to relations with the West, it can be assumed that by leaving the EU the UK, which is rigidly configured in relation to Russia, economic sanctions can be weakened. Some experts believe that in this case it will be easier to conduct negotiations on the “Northern territories” issue, but it is also possible, in which Russia, on the contrary, it will behave tougher.

Moreover, the President trump wants to improve relations with Russia. If in the Western block there is a split, it will ultimately strengthen Russia’s position.

If Putin continues to play for Russians, the role of a strong leader, there is little chance that he will make the decision on the territorial issue. In this case, to behave in a Japanese business?

When I was in Russia, I was struck by the fact that the Russians refer to Japanese goods with great confidence. Now there are more opportunities to use business chance in the backdrop of expanding economic cooperation between the two countries.

I think the territorial issue will move forward only when the Russians will have greater trust Japan because of the actions of Japanese companies.