What is considered useful

Recently, the concept of “healthy Breakfast” has changed dramatically. People began to pay more attention to the choices that have led to the rejection of refined sugar and switching to low fat foods, says likar.info.

However, some believe that any Breakfast is harmful. Recently, the biochemist Terence Keeley said in his book “Breakfast is a dangerous meal” about how the rejection of the Breakfast, helped him cope with type II diabetes. He stopped eating in the morning, back in 2008.Yet there is a perception that the Breakfast is not that other, as a conspiracy of corporations, which encourages us to daily purchase and consumption of more products.

However, these statements are contrary to the studies that indicate that, even if Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it still remains a major part of maintaining a healthy diet. This meal is no less important than lunch and dinner. Studies have shown that people who eat Breakfast, better control loss and weight gain and lower risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Of course, this does not negate the dangers of eating foods high in saturated fat or sugar. We still have to control the use of these products. Eating sausage or bacon for Breakfast is not a good idea. But another mistake that people often make in trying to make healthy choices, is eating excessive portions. For example, instead of drinking at Breakfast about 150 ml fresh fruit juice, people drink 500-600 ml, which will trigger a sharp jump in blood sugar levels, without the necessary saturation of the body.

Breakfast works as a fuel for our body, helping to stabilize food throughout the day. Very often, those who skip Breakfast, are unable to correctly interpret the feeling of hunger or satiety throughout the day, which can lead to overeating.

Many people say that they are “not hungry” in the morning, which most likely indicates the lack of elementary habits. In today’s hectic world where we are all late for something and eat on the go, is to allocate yourself time to just sit down and enjoy the food. It will bring not only nutritious, but also psychological benefits to your body.

It seems like the perfect Breakfast does not exist. But for those who still want to establish your morning routine, there’s a simple tip: try to combine protein (eggs or Greek yogurt) healthy fats (avocado) and whole grains (oatmeal). Experiment with different foods to understand what works for you.