How to beat cravings for chocolate

Some sweet tooth it’s hard to resist chocolate. Researchers from rush University have figured out how to help people who dream about chocolate, but deep down they know that they will regret it if you succumb to the cravings. Experts advise to wait 25 seconds before buying chocolate or going behind him to the kitchen, writes

For their study, researchers found the countdown timers on the machines in the United States. Customers who purchased chocolate or other harmful products, had to wait for 25 seconds. During this time, people can change their decision and choose a healthy product. Those who immediately chose something healthy, not to be expected.

The study lasted 14 months. The researchers found that thanks to the timers, people began to buy the machines is 5% more healthy foods. By the way, the staff of Flinders University claim to forget about chocolate, you just need to imagine the woods.

After all, a craving for chocolate fuels a vivid imagination. If you get rid of thoughts about chocolate as soon as they appear, the craving will disappear.