To raise pensions and oblige all Ukrainians to declare income: government plans to 2020

The Cabinet approved the development plan of the country for the next three years, as well as a list of priority actions for the current, 2017. The main aim of the government believes that achieving sustainable economic growth and development of the defense. “Today” has analyzed the plan and found out that they are preparing for the Ukrainians authorities.

THE PLAN FOR 2017. Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman promised that 1 October, the Cabinet “quality” will increase pension. How will this growth are not yet known, but Groysman stressed that the increase will apply to all Ukrainian pensioners. He also said that by the end of 2017, the government will prepare a draft law on Declaration of incomes and expenses of all Ukrainians. The corresponding document will be prepared by the Ministry of Finance, GFS, national Bank, NABOO and NACP. We will remind that earlier the Finance Ministry has supported the universal Declaration, which I want to run after the reform of the SFS.

In addition, in the near future, the Prime Minister promised a “surprise” in the framework of land reform. Recall that one of its main objectives is the abolition of the moratorium on sale of farmland.

“We will offer brand model revolution of the earth. Not in the interests of large holding companies or foreign investors and in the interests of this Ukrainian citizen,” — said Groisman, promising to complete the reform by 2020.

THREE YEARS. In the medium-term plan for three years, the government primarily wants to achieve sustainable economic growth by 4-5% of GDP per year. Want officials to reduce the annual budget deficit to 2.1% of GDP (the deficit is 3.1%). For this, the Cabinet plans to simplify the tax collection process and transfer a number of functions Gospitalniy service in the Ministry of Finance. In particular, we are talking about the creation of the financial police and the reduction of regulatory authorities with more than 50 thousand employees just to 3,5 thousand people. The government expects that it will rise Ukraine in the world ranking doing business with the 80-th to 30-th place, and also to increase the number of foreign investments to 460 billion a year.

In the next three years will remain in the priorities of the Ukrainian leadership and the fight against corruption. Groisman aims to raise the Ukraine with a 131-th place in the ranking of perceptions of corruption to 50 (total rating consists of 176 items). Want to tighten control over the financing of political parties and to limit the influence of private capital on them. In addition, state enforcement agents will add a private (recall that today in Ukraine, the training of private enforcement agents and the relevant law was passed last autumn). Finally, the Cabinet strictly regulate the amount of money you want to allocate in the future on defence and national security. This amount should not be below 5% of GDP (115-120 billion UAH).
But the census decided to conduct before. According to the priority plan to convert Ukrainians wanted in 2020, however, the Ukrainian scientists and sociologists have offered to do it next year. According to the head of the Ministry Andrey Reva, this will allow better planning of budget indicators. Groisman, in turn, has promised separately to discuss this issue. We will remind, according to experts, the census could cost several hundred million hryvnias.

Experts: risk of false targets

Economist of “CASE Ukraine” Vladimir Dubrovsky points out that today a very important dialogue around the creation of the financial investigation service, which will replace the tax police.

“If it will be possible to create an independent, it will improve the investment attractiveness and theoretically will allow to reach the planned Cabinet purposes, he says. — And here a course on improvement of Ukraine’s position in the ranking of ease of doing business — a false target. In recent times, we have risen from 130-e 80-e a place. And what does our business satisfied with the ease of doing business? So this is purely a demonstrative indicator of reflecting the real issues”. The expert notes that first and foremost the country needs to reduce the cost of doing business and to change the rules of taxation. In turn, economic analyst Alexander Okhrimenko believes that prescribed in the plans of the norm is quite possible to implement, the main thing is not to be limited to mere declarations. “You can make plans all you want, but in their implementation. The majority of the reported at yesterday’s meeting, items were written in terms of the priorities of the Cabinet in 2016. This tax reform, land reform, the creation of the financial investigation service, the increase of pensions. But this is made a little”, — he concluded.