Why is it helpful to be in a car pool: using “their” as a duty and educational program from experienced

Growth avtoklavnogo movement in Ukraine started in the mid-noughties. “In 2005-2007, Ukraine has come a credit. People began to borrow and sweep away the machines, so in the showrooms of the queue! — says one of the founders of the Union of Autoclubs Dmitry Retrograde (veterans club movement remember him under the name of Dmitrievka). — But the new owners of the machines suddenly faced with problems that could not solve on their own. Broken wheel, cracked the headlight, change the oil, what to do with it? How to deal with cops? Where better to insure? The young, sophisticated, with access to the Internet, started to look for information there. At that time there was no social networks, but were popular forums. And there were the first platform for communication”.

And despite the development of social networks, motorists still prefer the forums for them, communication is the Central forum on the club website.

“There are three main types of clubs, — says one of the fathers of the Union of Autoclubs — Uncle Spotlight. — First of all, this clubs fans of a particular brand or model. Secondly, regional clubs, bringing together car enthusiasts of any city or region, regardless of what they ride. And third, clubs on interests: street racing, SUVs, tuning, vintage cars, etc.”


“Forum at the club a minor, you can communicate in social networks, says Uncle Spotlight. — The main thing in the club is a fellowship”. Club cars, usually decorated with a sticker. And if such a car was at the curb with the included “emergency gang”, a passing fellow will stop to help — unless, of course, he’s a brother in spirit, not just a formal party. Not to help her in a difficult situation — for avtoklavnogo movement one of the “deadly sins”.

“I am, as it happened, standing on the “emergency signal”, to be with someone calm to talk to, always someone of his stops: “are you all right?” says Uncle Spotlight.

If a club member gets in an accident, there soon come, and teammates after an accident people are in shock and confusion. And so, while he himself came in, sane, and experienced partners at the club already and witnesses rewrote, and angels talked, and the evacuation of the machine organized.

ADVICE. Will not go away and the transfer function of experience. “Social media killed the forums, — says Dmitry Retrograde. They ceases to be as interesting as before, many of them decayed”. Now the club movement, he said, is 15% from what it was at the peak of prosperity. However, on the club forums discussions, there are sections devoted to current topics from replacement wheels to yurvoprosah. Among club members, it is not difficult to find professionals in various fields who can give advice. Vehicle enthusiast-the beginner can quickly go there “educational program” on the most important issues. But those who are behind the wheel of a decade, buying a car new brand, it makes sense to register at the club: this will prevent many “bumps”.

FOR THE SOUL. As before, the clubs remain a place of bringing people together. In their framework, a lot of meetings and trips — entertaining, educational, socially useful. Uncle Fara gives the example of how once they went to Poltava to wash in the Museum planes or help the orphanage.


Any activity requires funding, and website hosting is no exception. Money clubs decide differently. There are instances when someone from the enthusiast club acted virtually as a sponsor, creating and maintaining a website for your money. But popular method of voluntary contributions.

“The forum throws a cry that comes payment site: fold much as you can. The people threw off hosting for the year paid. For those who participated in pay, can be a privilege — for example, the right to go to some closed section of the forum, says Uncle Spotlight. — And we have meetings set the “box of kindness”.

No one is in control: someone threw a “five”, someone- no.” Another way of funding to put on the website advertising. You can see the ads: “Advertising helps to pay the bills for hosting community. Please disable the lock (extensions for browsers that block ads. — Ed.”.

PAID. A number of clubs have established mandatory contributions for their members. They can be purely symbolic (50-100 UAH per year), but with a large number of participants adds up. In return, the member receives a club card, which could give him certain benefits such as discounts from partners of the club: service stations, auto shops, car washes, etc. In this regard, our autoklubo the move follows Western models very late.

“In Europe, participation in auto clubs pay. But they guarantee their members with professional help in difficult situations and insurance coverage. Moreover, for example, the German clubs carry out crash-tests, test, booster seats, etc. In the UK lobbying legislation. About one of the clubs saying that this is the fourth emergency service after police, ambulance and fire,” — says marketing Director of British Auto Club Roman stepanovskiy. In our country this yet, but the first signs are already appearing.