The basics of anti-cellulite massage: how to knead the body to get rid of orange peel

“There’s nowhere” — with the arrival of spring this phrase comes to mind a huge number of women looking at themselves in the mirror. Annoying: fat hips, saggy thighs. What should I do? Take yourself in hand — in the truest sense of the word. Of course, it is better to trust your body to professionals but if this is not possible, you can own massage the problematic areas and rid them of cellulite.

“This massage will help to remove subcutaneous fat in the legs, thighs and abdomen. But not at one time or even two. The key to success is regularity and the ability not to feel sorry for yourself because anti cellulite massage painful — says the expert in physical rehabilitation Vita Yarosh. — Perform complex better in the shower (or after a sauna) when the body is steamed. The skin should be lubricated with anti-cellulite oil or cream. Thus it is necessary to make pre-test: apply the product on the skin and wait 10-20 minutes. If this time does not appear itching, redness, blisters, then you can safely apply oil/cream on the skin. It is also important movements on the thighs, legs and buttocks to fulfill from the bottom up, promoting lymph to lymph nodes and at the same time tightening the skin and muscles, getting rid of “sagging”. On the abdomen, moving clockwise”.

With regular performance of these 12 exercises have subcutaneous fat there is no chance to ruin your summer photos. And after a month you’ll be fully prepared for the season open body.


1. Do 10 movements with your fingers from the knee upwards in a clockwise direction with a small amplitude. First, in the center of the thighs, then the sides. Of each line to repeat the “kneading” three times.

2. Same thing with his knuckles.

3. Now fist.

4. Now the edge of his hand.

5. Then make the “squeezing” two pressed palms. Three times on each line.

6 Double o-ring squeezing: it is necessary to embrace the leg and with the power to lead the palm up.

7. Rolling pin or core paper napkins will help to make your skin smooth. Special skill required: every woman, rolling out dough for pies and dumplings, it is. 10 times for each line.

8. Stand face to the wall. Lean one hand on the wall, and another engaged in the formation of “rolls”. First fingers knead the buttocks. Conventionally define three lines and make a rotational movement for each up to 10 times. First fingers.

9. Then the knuckles, palm side and a knuckle. These movements are quite traumatic, so do not be surprised if at first on the soft spot will be small bruises. If you are strongly against them, with his knuckles to work should not be.

10. Smooth skin will help the rolling pin. Kneading it should be, firmly holding the rolling pin/stick with two hands and lifting it up “muffin” from the bottom up.

11. Yeast belly should stretch, taking it to fold between the fingers as well as enjoy it more subtle. Working with large “chunks” less effective.

12. In addition to kneading in the crease, you can do squeezing. Put one hand in the form of a fence, and other customize to his fold, working as a snowplow.