Six ways to control emotional eating

Emotional eating is often the cause of weight gain. About how to control it, writes

Eat regularly. Discard outdated food “three times a day”, adding to it several small meals. Instead of a full lunch, including main dish, salad and soup, we used to fend of harmful snacks, sweets and sodas during the day. When you are hungry, you just begin to sweep away all that is at hand. Instead, try to do three big meals a day and two to three small snacks of fruit or yoghurt. This will help you not to starve during the day and better control over your diet.

Get rid of the harmful products. If your home no harmful products, even during breakdown, nothing serious will happen. Load the fridge with salads, fruit, soups, and other not too rich dishes. We do not recommend to stock up on nuts. While nuts in moderation is beneficial for the body during the breakdown you can not hesitate to eat them whole bucket. If you still feel a strong need for sweets after a couple of apples or bananas, take this as to irrational cravings and take steps to overcome it.

Take a break. The easiest way to cope with emotional eating – to give the brain time to think about something else. Immerse yourself in the project you always kept putting it off, meet with friends, go for a walk with the dog, listen to music or dance – anything, just to occupy your mind! Even heavy smokers forget about cigarettes when enthusiastic about something.

Get rid of bad habits. When you respond to one stimulus immediately performing any action, you program your body to behave in a certain way. After a while you may notice that seize the negativity, emotional pain and stress a piece of cake or pizza. This turns into a reflex action. Identify situations that trigger overeating and make an effort to change your reaction. Sweets release endorphins, so you need to replace them with another incentive, for example, listening to music, singing, Jogging, dancing or even arms. If your house has no junk food to take advantage of this incentive is easier than to go out and buy chocolate or wait for the pizza delivery.

Keep an active lifestyle. Exercise is not only a great meal replacement if you are feeling down, but also a great way to increase your confidence and relieve stress. Regular exercise is good for both physical and mental health, so running, Boxing or yoga can be an effective means of dealing with the emotional stress caused by various events in your life.

Refer to a specialist. In the end, if you feel that you do not have any help tips or support of close friends and family, seek professional help. Some reasons for emotional eating can be deep-rooted emotional issues related to sexuality, self-perception or morality. Make the negative experience is a long and complicated process. This is best done by contacting a specialist.