Than ready to surprise observant traveler bright old Tallinn

Speaking about the trip to Europe, a primarily mean France, Italy or Germany, or at least Poland or Hungary, and unjustly overlooked once “our common Soviet” Baltic States. Some gleefully deny the European character of the Baltic countries, lamenting the fact that the Scoop is ineradicable. However, the facts are stubborn: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have long been members of the EU and, therefore, determined to see the European values, you can easily consider a trip to at least one of these countries. We chose to start in Estonia and ready to argue your choice.

QUICK VISA. Every journey begins with visa. And usually with this process, especially in the case of the “Schengen area” are fairly annoying moments. For example, the queue in the service center or difficult to collect the documents. Of course, for the savvy traveller it is the little things of life, but to decide on a trip abroad for the first time, such difficulties can become a serious obstacle. For such nervous in the first place, and is suitable Estonia: queue to the window of reception of documents are usually not at all, expect to have no longer than 5 minutes, and the passport with the visa bring home. So there is no need again to appear at the visa application centre. The visa itself costs about 35 euros and the service must be delivered — about 3.

CLARITY. Also the people who first decided to go to Estonia, you should know that this country is a very clear order. So if you are on the official website of the Embassy or Consulate read that you need for your type of visa requires certain documents that they need. No surprises in the list, or unexpected changes in the order of submission of documents is not and can not be, so that you can easily print the rules of the submission site and follow them. The only “but”: a direct flight from Kiev to Tallinn is no need to fly to Riga. But there is a direct bus which 25 hours will deliver you to the destination.

Go on a dull grey street — and now this “meeting”. And such surprises in Tallinn —
at every step


Already after the first inhalations/exhalations in Tallinn — and even more so after the first steps you will realize that in heaven rigor. Tallinn is a city with a proud bearing, but not degrading “slaves”, but rather allowing everyone to find an important core in itself. “We are of Royal blood. And, to understand us, you should be the king”, whispered the ancient walls of the Tallinn houses legends. In written hard to believe, such a description of the city more like a lecture on metaphysics, but, nevertheless, it is felt. And stay on the Baltic sea in the legendary all-glorious places among the Northern people, as if the force awakens, not familiar to the southerners.

Brave heart a hot people of the South are ready to be filled with anger from the first drop of blood, a strong body can fly and bullets for their freedom, but the hot heads, barely cooled down after the celebration of the victory, already forgotten the faces of his enemies. Tallinn is not so: he knows the value of his achievements, and never condescend to explain their meaning to outsiders. Either you accept the harsh laws or not. Conclusion: the self-esteem Tallinn.

By the way, as familiar and not familiar, the city seems to be usually in the image of the gray giant, from head to toe dressed in a stone bag, decorated with a single bright red cap brick roofs. In General, this way is correct, but only at first glance. In the body of the city space, reminiscent of a playful tattoo on the tailbone of the great commander. You will find this by accident and think, “And the old man is not so boring and strict as it seems at first glance”.


The most amazing event in Tallinn awaits you on the beach. Imagine a vast sandy beach. On the one hand, pine Park, on the other — the cold sea. In the middle of the beach — lots of deck chairs, which at first had caused a smirk: to think that in Tallinn you can sunbathe, impossible! But my skepticism was more than strolling down the beach, we stumbled upon cafe, which was built in such a way that, sitting on the terrace on the leeward side, you can retromantic to the point where I want to take your clothes off and stay in a swimsuit, because after 10 minutes under the Northern sun gets really hot! In General, if you want to sunbathe away from a million eyes — go to Tallinn. And don’t forget to bring a swimsuit.

The yacht port. Directly opposite the Old town


In the masters ‘ Courtyard on Vene street in the Old town there is a cafe. It was founded in 2003, and it seems that at the beginning of the last century. It can easily be dubbed “Gypsy” for the brightness of colors and an incredible variety of decorative elements that capture the imagination: it’s and old shoes, and furniture with threadbare upholstery, and smelling my grandmother’s youth pillows. Obsessed with order, cleanness in such an atmosphere, crinkle your nose and are afraid of attacks of fleas — it seems so untidy environment. But all the others smell a stunning odor the coffee, hear the incredible beauty of the music, sounding as if from the records of the old gramophone, and certainly feel the atmosphere 30-ies of the last century. In General, this is where I love to spend time without hurry, making a little journey in time.

In the center. Cafe atmosphere 30-ies of XX century


Many people who grew up on black-and-white foreign movie first movies remember the riot of colors and some special homemade fabulousness. Remember: all these Belyanochka/Rosettes and their girlfriends Snow white waited for their princes and bears some doll houses. Bears/foxes lived in the same, and about gnomes and say nothing! Everyone knows that advanced gnome “flat” is a hut with the sharp triangular roof, a soft yellow light outside the window and an indispensable geraniums or Heather on the windowsill. A rare baby, especially baby, not wanted to go. And, it appears, dreamed not in vain: Tallinn helps you quickly fulfill this dream: there is a lot of such “dwarf houses”.


Wandering through the old town, it’s hard not to notice the old pharmacy, which is located right in the center of the town square. Of course, they sell and regular stuff, but only in the first room, but in the second Museum. No riches there just is not: and the hand of a mummy, and baked hedgehog, and burned the bees, and the main relic — the dried penis of a deer. What and how it treated these “drugs”, don’t tell — we can only fantasize.

In the Museum: “Drugs”


Many States attribute to themselves the invention of marzipan, but Estonians believe that it is only their merit. Those who are too busy to understand the history, but I want to try this marzipan must log in marzipan café in the centre of the Old city, where not only sell almond tenderness, but when you paint figures. By the way, did you know that from the moment of making marzipan good for consumption as much as three months? If you do not have time to eat it during this time, do not worry — after expiration date it does not spoil and turn into a statue and can be kept from you indefinitely. Many, by the way, and does not consider the marzipan as a food, not to bite off your head with almond-doll or a kitten. Do not eat them, and collect. Turculet: buy only in the package, because the marzipan fragile.

Baby marzipan


There are in Tallinn Viru street, which reveals its secrets only to those who are not too lazy to go through it twice. Moreover, once at night and the second day. In the dark you can see how Viru lit red lanterns local strip bar. Day their no but the North the sun literally makes you go up 5 steps from the door of the bar. There, diving into the alley on the left side, you will find yourself in the courtyard the other the street. Here you will find the entrance to the Museum of the Dominican monastery, where often are heard the prayers of the Dominican monks, the old library of the Jesuits, a cozy tavern in the basement. To the Dominican monastery can be reached on the passage of Catherine street Katariina kaik…

In General, don’t be lazy, double-go through the Viru.

The red lanterns. The strip bar

The Dominican Cathedral. Next — cozy pub