How to choose a quality mattress for healthy sleep

Our performance depends on how well we slept at night. For the quality of the sleep meets a comfortable bed, or rather mattress. Over the past few years, the mattress literally multiply packs on the domestic market, and manufacturers are coming up with more unusual marketing gimmicks to sell what was once a quilt or a bag stuffed with straw.

The abundance of epithets is striking: there are the goods with memory function of sleep, filled with coconut fiber, and even changing depending on the time of year: summer and winter. How to choose the perfect mattress for a healthy sleep? This was told by the doctor-orthopedist Dmitry Savchuk and Manager of a furniture company Julia Tyutyunik.


Despite the progress, the essence of the mattresses remains the same: they are on springs and without. The first consists of many of the springs are either intertwined, or are the blocks Packed in textile covers. Springs SAG under the weight, but create resistance, which helps to keep the body in a comfortable position. The more springs, the better and more expensive mattress. Divided into independent blocks, springs contour of the body. The more springs, the higher is the orthopedic effect of the mattress: the average is 250 sq m, in the hard the number goes up to 400. Price sprung mattress ranges from 2 to 16 thousand UAH, and the service life up to 15 years.

Springless model inside can be filled with foam, latex or coconut fibre (kairoi). Less common and more exotic fillers: seaweed, horse hair or straw. Natural latex is produced from the SAP of hevea (rubber tree) — it is safe and soft. But artificial, made from recycled materials, cheaper but not so safe: it can cause allergies caused by the contained formaldehyde. Latex models have a memory function: the filler takes the form of the sleeper’s body that over time can become a problem. Choose a combination of options: latex and coir. The price of such mattresses can range from 1.5 to 10 thousand UAH. Live latex mattress up to 20 years. Foam filler is economical, but not a safe option: in the composition of the polyurethane foam contain formaldehyde. But the advantage of all synthetic fillers is that they won’t start “living creatures” — a tick or bed bugs. Foam rubber is also used as an additional filler, as part of a mattress sandwich. Price starts from 1.2 thousand UAH and up to 4 thousand


As the load accounts for a large mattress, upholstery should be made of sturdy fabrics that can withstand friction, sliding and even jumping, and not be torn. As a rule, natural fibers tight weave.

By the way, the “winter — summer” also depends on the upholstery: all natural designed for the summer, but with the addition of synthetic fibers and is able to create the effect of a thermos — winter side. In addition, winter and summer part depends on the composition: the part winter warmer, woolen and summer cotton. The cost of the upholstery is not very affects the price of a mattress, but for the option “winter — summer” get ready to pay 600-900 UAH.

That the mattress lasts longer, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. So, it should flip to the “winter — summer” — at least in order for both parts of the load is accounted for the same. In addition, you should change the location of the head — foot: the filler is compressed, taking the position of the sleeper’s body. It is important, and if the mattress you sleep two: one, as a rule, heavier partner and the mattress (especially spring) can stay in the same direction. To avoid this, men need to change places.

Despite modern technology, care for the mattress you need as well as the quilts courted our grandmothers: air and bask in the sun, and beat. Do not interfere, and the topper: cover with elastic that fits over the mattress under the sheet (costs around UAH 250).

Choose the mattress should body — to lie, to sit, to rise with him. The choice better to go to a large furniture center and try different manufacturers. Having defined the model and the manufacturer, order a mattress via the Internet, will be 10-15% cheaper.


Infants up to 3 years buy a mattress from kokosovoe coir: it is eco-friendly and optimal stiffness for the child’s spine.

Children under 12 years is better to sleep on springless mattress: oscillations of the springs can negatively affect the developing spine. The filler is better natural, that was not allergic to chemo.

Without springs it is better to do and people weighing above 110 kg or suffering from diseases of the heart or of the respiratory system: the body position must be stable.

Ortopedichny are mattresses with independent spring block of medium hardness.

People with more weight not recommended to sleep on very hard mattresses, but the “fluff” it is better to choose the hard option.

The average weight admits both rigid and soft mattresses.

Important and the size of the mattress: it depends on the size of the bed, but in any case should be 20 cm longer growth sleeping there. Single mattress width 80 cm double — 160.