In the United States admitted that they continue to work with Russia, despite Ukraine

The U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley said in a broadcast of ABC that the United States is cooperating with Russia on several issues, but criticized Moscow in case of need, reports.

“We criticize them (Russia − ed.) because that’s what they did with Crimea and what they are doing in Eastern Ukraine is wrong,” said Haley.

“Also, we say that their actions in Syria, covering Assad are not useful. And we need to put pressure on them when it comes to dealing with the Islamic state, and when it comes to China and North Korea,” she added.

While Hayley explained that the U.S. is working with Russia in some matters of international policy.

In addition, the Ambassador stressed that the UN has not discussed the issue of Russia’s influence on the US presidential election

“Of course, I think that Russia interfered in the elections. There’s no doubt about it. But no one talks to me about it at the UN. All were talking about at the UN, is what will happen with North Korea, how are we going to deal with the crisis that we are witnessing in Syria, what are we doing to fight ISIL,” said the permanent representative of the United States.

Earlier, Haley said that the USA should never trust Russia.