Financial Times interview: trump on Merkel, Twitter and the infighting in the Republican party

In the middle of an interview between President Donald trump gave in the oval office, heard the question, not whether he regrets about his caustic tweets to the address of the allies, political opponents and other States. Trump pauses, thinks for a moment and says: “I regret nothing, because nothing can be done. You know, when you write hundreds of tweets, and sometimes you get the error, it is not so bad.”

A trump presidency like no one else in the entire 230-year history of the American Republic. He became the first commander-in-chief has never held government and military positions. He’s a tycoon involved in real estate, and host of the television show, five times changed their party preferences. Nominally trump populist, but the members of his Cabinet is the wealthiest people in the history of American government. His top aides from the White house, including son-in-law, the total size of the state exceeds two billion dollars.

Last year, trump has ruined the plans of the elite in the elections (“You lose, I win”, he informed its guests from the beginning). Today, the newly minted Republican believes that his criticism of the mainstream again mistaken. Trust business is growing, and the Dow Jones goes up dramatically. Trump demands the recognition of its merits: like Franklin Roosevelt, who often speaks on the radio, as well as John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, who loved television, the President believes himself a skillful interlocutor communicating with the masses directly.

And he has proof. “Where’s Dan? Call Dan Scavino (Dan Scavino), please” — he shouts on the whole the Oval office. A few seconds is a former porter of Golf clubs, Scavino, who in 2016, headed the election campaign trump in social networks and doing the same thing now, but in the White house. He looks at the screen of his laptop and reports that together the President has 101 million subscribers. “I have more than 100 million subscribers in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram — proudly declares trump. — More than 100 million. I don’t need to refer to information stuffing”.

Communication on Twitter is a striking feature of the trump. There he acts boldly and defiantly, although sometimes goes to the defense. Trump is determined to show who’s boss. He sometimes charming, sometimes menacing, and the manner of its leadership dominated by unconventional. He constantly violates the existing balance, both at home and abroad. And as recently sounded loud accusations against the Obama administration, which allegedly ordered to arrange an audition of trump Tower during the election campaign, as well as unanswered questions about possible contacts his assistants the race with Moscow, many began to doubt that the trump will survive to the end of the first term.

However, trump has been in power for the third month, and now there are signs that his apparent madness hiding technique, and much more clear than the critics thought.

Trump and his team believe that the peculiarity of 2017, this economic nationalism and tough leaders such as Vladimir Putin in Russia, Narendra modi in India and XI Jinping in China. They believe that in such a world the United States must actively defend its interests.

“I believe in alliances, I believe in relationships. And I believe in partnerships. But alliances do not always go in our favor,” says trump.

Fragile alliances

The allies such as Britain, Germany and Japan, a business approach trump the principle of “I scratch your back, you” a matter of deep concern because the President ignores the US role as a peacemaker in various regions of the world, ranging from Western Europe to the Korean Peninsula and Western Pacific ocean. They fear that America, which for the last 70 years defending the rules-based liberal order, of selfless power turns into power selfish.

There are also more optimistic, although somewhat cynical interpretation of aggressive behavior trump: he allegedly dramatic tension, then loosen it using the traditional negotiating tactics. Thus, it will be able to retire, having more limited economic and financial objectives in trade policy issues and international security.

The President says there is no bluff. “This is a very serious problem in our world today. And such problems is not one of them anymore. But this is not a game… it’s not nonsense. The United States chatted long enough and look what happened. A road to nowhere, ‘ he says. — When you ask whether it is good, I say good. At the same time, I don’t tell you what I do.”

From the statements of trump

On health care reform: “If we do not get what we want [from Republicans], we make a deal with the Democrats [on health care].

About Breccia: “I think it’s a great solution for the UK, and I think it’s also very, very well for the EU.”

On Twitter: “No tweets I wouldn’t be here. I have more than 100 million subscribers. I don’t need to refer to information stuffing”.

He very clearly stated his desire to create equal conditions for all in the international arena. Trump believes that under the American military umbrella very many allies tend to live on freebies and the emerging economies, particularly China, use global trade rules to their advantage. He says that America is too soft.

“Our predecessors did not. Look where we were. We have a trade deficit of $ 800 billion,” says trump. (The Ministry of Commerce reports that in 2016, the U.S. trade deficit on goods and services amounted to slightly more than $ 500 billion.)

Thursday and Friday trump will take XI Jinping in Florida at his mansion, Mar-a-Lago. This meeting will be perhaps the most difficult test for its slogan “America first”. The US China trade deficit of $ 347 billion, and trump during his election campaign vowed to brand Beijing a disgrace, calling it the exchange operator. The previous administration also thought about that step, but then refused it.

China, being a growing power in the region, could become an important partner to deter the neighboring North Korea. But before the official inauguration of the demonstrative trump held talks with the new President of Taiwan. Exchange of views raised doubts about U.S. compliance with the policy of “one China” framework, in which Washington recognizes the Chinese government in Beijing as the only legitimate authority.

However, last month, trump said si that he will treat this policy with respect, and now shows exaggerated courtesy to his future guest. “I really respect him. I have great respect for China. I would not be surprised if we do something very dramatic and useful for both countries”.

Many experts are concerned that President trump will show a dangerous inconsistency in foreign policy. But the administration lead to the equilibrium is quite strong figures from the office of national security, such as defense Minister James Mattis, soothing and powerful trump in-law Jared Kushner. Trump stopped talking about moving the us Embassy in Israel from tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and at the same time, resumed the debate on the two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians, but also softened his criticism of NATO allies. Unchanged is the fact that he refuses to speak ill of Putin.

Although trump has never apologized, he is able to carry out a variety of changes. In an interview with the Financial Times the President tried to emphasize that he had no hostility to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Although in front of the cameras in the oval office, he apparently refused to shake her hand.

“I had an excellent meeting with Chancellor Merkel, said trump. We shook hands five times, and then sat in the chair… I thought the reporter said: “I shook her hand”. I didn’t hear”.

Touching Breccia, trump similarly tried to refute the assumption that the United States would welcome the collapse of the EU. When he asked the question, do follow the example of Britain to other countries, he said, “When it happened, I thought that there will be other, but in fact, I believe that the European Union gradually brings the order”.

No bluff in the trade

Trade policies trump also behaves more practical than in the beginning expected by many observers. Arranging a beating Mexico as the main supplier of illegal immigrants and how the culprit unfair trade practices under the North American free trade agreement, the administration shifted down. So, Minister of Commerce and longtime friend of trump, Wilbur Ross (Wilbur Ross) seeks to resolve long-standing dispute over the Sahara, knowing full well that failure would put the radical left-wing candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (Andrés Manuel López Obrador), who will participate in the presidential elections in 2018.

Participating in this interview, Ross warned that trump should not be underestimated. “The rhetoric is certainly useful ahead of the talks, but the President is not bluffing”, — he said.

If foreign policy is trump actually turned out to be less revolutionary than initially feared, that in domestic policy there are many contradictions. The power he got on a wave of populism, as around him and his appeals rallied the Republicans and many Democrats from the working class who have left the establishment favourite Hillary Clinton. In his inaugural speech, trump paid tribute to his supporters, saying: “the Abandoned men and women of our country will no longer be forgetfulness.”

The President called for the development of production in the US, coaxing foreign and American corporations, and encouraging them to think carefully about transferring their factories and jobs to America. But this self-proclaimed artist, to agree was harder to find funding than he had imagined, although the Republican party is in the majority in both the house of representatives and the Senate.

The situation worsened when trump tried to use my Executive power to control immigration. The courts blocked both the first and the second attempt in this direction. More significant was his failed attempt to repeal Obamacare in the health sector.

Republicans refused to vote after failing to garner enough support for the adoption of a hastily drafted bill. “I didn’t want to vote. I said, why should we vote?— says trump, who promised to repeal Obamacare immediately after the occupation of the presidential office. Yes. I don’t lose. I don’t like to lose.”

He stressed that Republican lawmakers are still trying to come to terms. However, the President notes that there is nothing wrong with that unhappy with the first bill, the thrust of the conservatives and staunch opponents of Obamacare will continue to persist.

“If we do not get what we want, we’ll make a deal with the Democrats, and in my opinion, we will have a good form of health — said the President. — We really do have a very good form of health. This is the form of health, with which agree both parties”.

Initially the White house thought that health care reform Obama “is the key to the door”. Equally important, he believed the attempt to be the first since 1986 for serious reform law the American tax system and to approve a programme of building new infrastructure at one trillion dollars. But now, it is unclear how the administration will be able to meet the financial conservatives of the tax law, which will not lead to the deficit.

Trump did not disclose their cards. “I don’t want to talk about timing. We have a very large and very strong tax reform,” he says. But he said that his team is desperately seeking new ways to Finance tax cuts. To gain a simple majority in the Senate, they should not affect revenues.

If trump will not save health care reform, the first 100 days of his presidency will pass without much success. When he was offered the post of member of the Supreme court Gorsuch Neil (Neil Gorsuch), the Republicans applauded him, but the Democrats threatened to block a vote in the Senate.

His advisers trying to circumvent the Congress through presidential directives and other measures. Chief strategist of the White house Steve Bannon (Steve Bannon) ominously calls these actions a “destruction of the administrative state.”

Bannon has created an operational center in the West wing of the White house, and wrote on the big Board all those promises that trump gave during the campaign. The important question is whether trump to make good on those promises, especially about how to “again make America great,” and will he be able to separate their business interests from the official work.

Trump seeks to refute any misleading comparisons from world history. Popozirovat in front of the portrait of the first President in America the populist Andrew Jackson, he leads his guests into the next room, where a portrait of Theodore Roosevelt, which he enthusiastically calls the President, radically changed the situation. It is, however, one of the guests politely reminds Trump that there’s a major difference. Roosevelt boasted that he had a big club, but he also tried to speak very softly.