Eurasian earthquake

Two key countries, “faith and hope” to the Armenian authorities and some political forces, and some even “love” the Eurasian economic Union, and “guarantor of safety”, CSTO — Belarus and Russia — in recent days, was at the center of international attention.

And the reason for this was not some fantastic economic leap “170-millionth market” or new achievements of security and progress, and mass civil unrest. In Minsk and regional centers of Belarus, the people demand to be called “father” and perched in the center of Europe’s collective tyrant is gone. This provincial populist over more than twenty years is building with Russia in a “Union state”, soleras from Europe and almost free of charge using the Russian energy supplies.

And on the 26th of March began to shake Russia itself. Tens of thousands of Russians, mostly young people, in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major cities chanted “Putin thief!”, “We are the power!”. And the reason for this explosion was a documentary-investigation called “you do not Dimon”, which is the second of March in the blog and in the “YouTube” placed opposition political figure Alexei Navalny. He scored over 12 million views and shows how vis-a-vis the Prime Minister of Armenia, Karen Karapetyan and depositing on the day of the meeting with President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan because of the “sudden flu” Dmitry Medvedev together with his colleagues, “saws” “weights” of the budget and businessmen.

Of course it is not a revolution and even earlier to call this the beginning of the revolution. And in Belarus, and in Russia, the protests at present are apolitical, no political ideology and no political organization, in the depths of which would form a revolution, influenced by the wave of protests. But the fact that people, citizens unhappy. Dissatisfied with the deteriorating quality of life, “COP” customs are numerous and meaningless “no”.

The agenda of the Belarusian society there is no question of deformation of statehood, centuries-old process of Russification, the issue of the struggle against the policy of infringement of native language problems that hindered the development of Belarusians as a European political nation, led to the threat of identity of the Belarusians. Therefore, a little worried about the fact that ignorant COP with a baton in his hand crushes the national flag of Belarus is not the Soviet, which Lukashenko has again made the state red-and-white, which in 1918 a few months was the flag of the Belarusian people’s Republic, destroyed by the Bolsheviks, and was the flag of Belarus in 1991-94.

The uprising of the people of Russia also are apolitical. Yes, they started to fight against corruption, which received widespread and was not only a system of government in the country, but also the purpose and meaning of government. But this corruption did not appear today and not that about it it became known thanks to the film, although I must pay tribute to Alexey Navalny for his unrelenting, principled, progressive activity.

On the other hand let’s not forget that in 2011-12 in Russia was the largest demonstration in the post-Soviet period, with a completely democratic and liberal agenda that truly frightened the leaders of the Kremlin. However entertaining is what happened after that. After coming to power for the third time, Vladimir Putin initially suppressed the wave of protests, repression, and buried after the protests the creation of a “fledgling” new Empire, “the Russian world”, “Criminalism and a new enemy in the person of Ukraine and the West. And something happened, what he was talking about the Polish intellectuals of the 19th century — “the Russian free-thinking ends where it begins a free and independent Poland”…

Historically defined, which is located in the geographical center of Europe 10 million country it is impossible ever to operate as a farm, and in the end this will come to an end. It was also determined that to restore the status and reputation of the “prison of Nations” Russia, too, this to become a free and democratic country based on values that have not only European, but truly universal and apply to all the continents without exception. However, the fact that it is not compatible with the Empire, that is, with Russia in its current borders. And what happened last week is probably a distant signal this. In the end, no one can undo “the butterfly effect”, and it’s hard to say what “butterfly” will break the back of this overloaded camel…

We are left with his “safety”, “progress”, EAEC, CSTO, as “Gazprom”, the unsolved problems and the “centuries-old friend and strategic ally”, which is not able to solve their own problems, but can be a problem for us, and not only. All you can talk during the race, if you don’t whistle, tomorrow it too will be forgotten. However, when one day this camel with a broken back will fall and we will be under his entire weight, not to say that the Bear we “cheated”. We the kings, Vorontsov-Dashkov, Yudenich, Denikin, and then the Bolsheviks, Lenin, Stalin, Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Putin, all fully cheated, and more than that, and we have moved “all valid faces” right to be deceived. Enough! Make a conclusion, and the experience of our 26-year-old state to help you.