The main goal of anti-corruption rallies in Russia — Putin

Last week in many cities of Russia held a major anti-corruption rallies, the reason for which was the erection of the huge assets the Prime Minister Medvedev. This is perhaps the most extensive protests in Russia over the past five years. With the approaching date of the presidential election, Russian policy may enter a period of instability.

It rallies were organized by the Fund of struggle against corruption. Its Creator, Alexey Navalny, was planning to hold protest rallies in more than 90 cities of Russia, однако22 of them were not permitted by local authorities. The last few weeks critical of the Kremlin against Navalny is trying hard to gather his supporters in the major Russian cities. Moreover, he announced his intention to run next year for President.

Russia is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. In the list of countries according to the corruption perception index Russia the last years is one of the last places. Last year there were arrested several large bribes, for example the Minister of economic development, however, many believe that it was just political moves of bringing small sacrifices for large benefits and that the most corrupt officials are still in the Kremlin. Navalny has used the fight against corruption to raise the active political movement that has caused a great resonance in society and gave unexpected results.

The West intends to use the presidential election to settle scores with Russia

In the presidential election that will be held next year, Putin will undoubtedly nominate a candidate to compete for the right to stay for another term. Due to the high level of support for Kremlin officials and a huge popularity among the population, if not to vote right now, other candidates have absolutely no chance of success. However, Putin also has weaknesses. Rumors of corruption about members of his team made a lot of noise, more often the news of the boundless extravagance of the Kremlin officials are meeting in various Western media. While the quality of life of the Russian people affected by falling oil prices and the situation day by day getting worse, the rumors about the corruption of officials inevitably lead to a change in the mood of the masses.

What is more important is that Western intelligence agencies are planning to use the presidential elections in Russia in response to the damage from the previous intervention of Russia. After trump was elected President of the United States democratic party and the security service kept talking about a serious intervention in the Russian presidential election, the secret lies in the suppression of Hillary Clinton and the support of trump. The governments of France and Germany also announced the involvement of Russian security services in elections this year. Simply put, for the evil one has to pay for evil, and the upcoming elections in Russia will naturally become the target of Western intelligence agencies. Some Russian media reported that investigation of the Fund against Navalny, Medvedev is the CIA.

Considering all the internal and external factors, the Russian presidential election will undoubtedly become the brightest event. Political instability is inevitable, and anti-corruption rallies are only the beginning.