Prime Minister of Moldova refused to comply with the requirements of Dodon

Prime Minister of Moldova Pavel Filip refused to comply with the requirement of the President Igor Dodon to recall the Ambassador of the Republic of Romania Mihai Gribincha. This was reported by the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers.

“The Prime Minister-the Minister Pavel Filip received today the President’s request with a proposal to withdraw the extraordinary Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Moldova in Romania Mihai Gribincha. The head of the Cabinet of Ministers does not adopt this requirement”, – stated in the message.

He demanded the government to withdraw Gribenko, who said that the decree of the President of Moldova on deprivation Basescu Moldovan citizenship may be declared unconstitutional.

In his letter to the Prime Minister the head of state noted that “the statements Mr. Gribincea not only violated ethical principles, but also demonstrated the support of political views from abroad, which is contrary to the national interest.”

Earlier, Igor Dodon was deprived of Moldovan citizenship to the former head of Romania Traian Basescu.

Earlier it was reported that the liberal party is preparing a legislative initiative on holding a referendum for the resignation of President Igor Dodon.

“The initiative is dictated primarily by the fact that Igor Dodon allowed himself to congratulate Vadim Krasnoselsky (the leader of the unrecognized Transnistria – Ed.) with the victory on the so-called presidential elections. Congratulating Krasnoselsky, Igor Dodon actually recognized the independence of Transnistria, which is not done none of the leaders of Moldova. If we don’t stop this anti-constitutional activities of the current President of Moldova, the situation could further worsen,” – said the leader of Moldovan liberal party Mihai Ghimpu.

Representatives of the ruling coalition headed by the Democratic party, in turn, said that “you must first appeal to the constitutional court with the request, he violated Igor Dodon Constitution.”