Trump — “Mr. Breaksit”?

London — “There they call me Mr. Broksita”, — the President said trump four long months ago, referring to the UK. Of all the bizarre statements of the new US President it seems to me most strange. I can honestly say that for all of 2016, taking part in many conversations on political topics, I never heard that someone on this side of the Atlantic used this expression in relation to Mr. trump. In other words, I can strongly assure my American readers that we don’t call, never called and won’t call Donald trump “Mr. Brexton”.

Undoubtedly, he is inconsistent and samochvalova manner — was just trying to draw attention to the Parallels between his surprisingly successful campaign and fueled a populist decision by the UK to leave the European Union: according to the most common version, in both cases, the dissatisfaction that has accumulated in the ranks of the forgotten and undervalued sectors of society was used a practical populist, resulting in a complacent and smug establishment was humiliated and defeated.

Mr. trump continued to insist on this interpretation of events, being President is touched including the visit of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa may (Theresa May) in Washington, which was one of the first personal meetings of Mr. trump with the leader of a foreign state.

However, citing the English writer Henry Fielding (Henry Fielding), it was “very comforting and convenient doctrine, to which we have only one objection, namely, that it is wrong”. In the case of Brexia this “doctrine” over the last seven months of relentlessly impose such newspaper magnates as Rupert Murdoch (Rupert Murdoch), the Barclay brothers (owners of The Daily Telegraph) and Paul Duiker (Paul Dacre) (editor of the Daily Mail), whose publications insist that the results of the referendum on Brexia represent “the will of the people”. According to their interpretation, a slight majority (51.9 percent vs. 48.1 percent) is “decisive” victory, and all those who disagree with this — it’s just too touchy whiners.

At times, such rhetoric has consequences. After principled citizen named Gina Miller (Gina Miller) filed a claim on the government’s decision to begin the process of entering the United Kingdom from the European Union without consultations with Parliament, she was forced to hire round the clock security, and the Daily Mail, announced the judges, who stood at her side, “enemies of the people”.

In society a direct result of Brexia was the formation of discourse, in which “elite” is opposed to “people” — despite the fact that no one has been able to give a clear definition of these terms. From the point of view of those who hold right-wing views, elitism has nothing to do with wealth, because the President trump, billionaires in his office, and it has a multi-billion dollar state colleagues are on the side of “the people” and managed to win due to the fact that they stand against the elite. In the British media world, Mr. Murdoch, the Barclay brothers and Mr. Duiker — despite its huge influence, also do not belong to the “elite”, because they constantly criticize her on behalf of the people.

On the other hand, the centre-right and centre-left, writers, media personalities, scientists and experts of all varieties highlighted are characterized as members of the elite, because they imagine — because of his perceived competence and public status — that they better understand the situation than the people whose behavior they constantly evaluate.

In other words, the war between supporters and opponents of Breccia — as the war between President trump and his opponents — is not the opposition of the people and the elite, and the old struggle between the financial elite and the cultural elite, where “the people” plays the role of a soccer ball being thrown from one team to the other, so his interests and feelings are of little or no value.

Although the rules in the UK continue — no doubt, the Republicans in America will also continue to promote a false version about a decisive victory and a powerful popular movement, there is an alternative version, which the liberals find so seductive. It is a very attractive lie that, although the results of voting on Brexia and victory trump represent a shocking temporary shocks soon everything will fall into place: President trump will be corrected and will behave with dignity, from the idea of Brexia, which will inevitably lead to economic problems and reduce the country’s prestige in the international arena, on the way out or change it beyond recognition, as the Parliament and the public sooner or later will come around.

This is especially seductive fantasy that we in the UK cherish for several months, aided by the chaotic approach of the government to the question of Breccia. Ms. Mae, who, let’s not forget, was a supporter of the campaign to “Stay” until he became Prime Minister, spent several months in an unsuccessful attempt to reconcile the conflicting claims of supporters of Breccia.

However, on 19 January she led my thoughts in order and policy speech in which she outlined his vision of the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. What is important, she said his speech in the House of Commons, and before an audience of reporters and European ambassadors, standing behind the same podium where in 1988 Margaret Thatcher announced the accession of the UK to single market from which Mrs may now wants us to lead.

Apparently, Ms. Mei did it out of fear of all these media moguls and their stories about “the will of the people”, after which the Daily Mail has rewarded her caricature on the first page where she throws the warlike views of the British national flag, holding a purse at the ready. We have to believe that Ms. Mei hopes that she calmed down a bit those who will do anything to prevent tens of thousands of migrants get to the UK and to restore the “sovereignty” of the UK — for most of us it remains an abstract idea, which, however, controls our politics now.

Meanwhile, in a fit of demagoguery, Ms. may announced that this strange, isolationist and almost pathological act of self-sabotage is the birth of a “global Britain” — the beginning of a new era of dynamic trade agreements, the first of which she has managed to wave to the President trump, arch-protectionist. About the “special relationship” has been said many words, but overall her Washington adventure left an impression of a country, which, instead of “to regain control” (quoting the mantra of the supporters of secession from the Union), is now in a weak position in negotiations because of the recently introduced her obligations to the supporters of Breccia.

Therefore, the last consolation, the hope of supporters of the campaign “to Remain” has faded, and we understand that Ms. Mei, which is believed recently took a moderately Pro-European stance will no longer take into account the opinion of 48% of the population, which recently lost the right to remain European citizens. It is a dream of the far-right “Party United Kingdom independence” — a tiny, motley party, which somehow managed to redirect government policy in a different direction in the most important question with which the UK has faced over the last 50 years.

In other words, the country accidentally fell into a nightmarish situation in which due to untested democratic act, in no case do not reflect the common will of all the people, she allowed the extremists and delusional to steer the ship of state. Although we do not call Mr. trump “Mr. Broksita”, we can still draw some Parallels between our situation and the difficult situation which arose in the United States.