Karl — the great Russian. History to Putin: a New chronology

That ancient Greek culture was a humanistic fiction, and Troy fell only in the Middle ages, Homer and Voltaire wrote his poems at the same time that the old Testament was written only in the late middle Ages, two centuries after the New Testament — this is a very exciting version of the story, which in Russia is extremely successful. At the prestigious Moscow State University for 40 years teaching and popularitybut New chronology. The project Manager is a mathematician Aleksei Fomenko, a University scholar of the old school, who developed the complete details of the theory with a large number of formulas and statistics.

In the theory of Fomenko put forward the claim that thousands of years of history was pure fantasy, with a significant number of certificates, seals, chemical analyses. In a few cases statements, although true, as noted by historian Felix Philip Ingold in “Merkur” (Issue 819/2017), however in his disordered compilation is rather similar to the historical confusion. Fomenko, for example, speaks of the evidential weight of wordplay around the names — so Neoplatonist of the Dam follows the Renaissance writer Plato.

In the scientific world this theory, except in private circles, were not recognized, many hypotheses have been refuted. However, a large and growing number of supporters of Fomenko among the Russian population is due to his performances, popular books and videos that can be found on YouTube. The work of Fomenko with a volume of several thousand pages was translated into English, read it and recognized, including former world chess champion Garry Kasparov. Unlike the writer and publisher of Herbert Illiga, which in 1991 surprised the historians, the thesis that the first 300 years of the Middle ages was a pure fiction, and who shortly afterwards left again into oblivion, “New Chronology” is not the work academically isolated loners. According to Ingold, is “an independent historical discipline, which is widely integrated into state scientific camera offers a significant financial and human resources.” Ingold sees the growing popularity of this discipline is a serious risk for the Russian historical consciousness and the education system.

If it were true, as stated in the theory of Fomenko, then historiography is a shop manipulators. All of the documents that describe the history more than 400 years ago, are, according to Fomenko, humanistic forgery, which in the interests of the rulers and customer fooling about the existence of the millennial Egyptian, Greek and Roman antiquity, which was actually introduced in the Middle ages from Russia to Europe. The Russian influence, according to Fomenko, was suppressed by German historians who have distorted the history of Russia in the 18th century by order of the Royal court. Fomenko advances the thesis that “true history” of Russia and of antiquity. Roman high culture in this interpretation occurred from the Tatar of Christianity. Jesus was born only in the 11th century on the Bosphorus. In an alternate version of the real Savior was supposedly born on the Crimean Peninsula and later baptized by the Byzantine Emperor Andronikos I Komnenos.

His version of the story Fomenko creates the basis for the myth of pan-Slavic history of the conquest, which swept Europe in the period from XIV to XVI century. In the Slavs, according to the theory, include the Mongols, Turks, Vikings and the Vikings to the Tatars and Mongols attributed to a new value. They are not considered more nomadic tribes that attacked Russia, and promising civilize and media culture, which, like Russia itself, had a huge impact on the European high culture. One of them was Charles the Great, which according to the theory of Fomenko, based on the name (Slavic “Stole” or “king”) becomes Russian.

In the Kremlin this mythology are willing to accept, as it supports Putin’s geopolitical vision of a Eurasian big space under Russian leadership. In political terms, Putin is, according to Ingold, has appealed to the “New chronology”, declaring annexed Crimea “Russian Holy land.” Ingold fear of accept the fact that scientific criticism dogmatically-minded supporters of “New chronology” doesn’t find the desired effect, including among the public. That is, the theory of Fomenko develops into a mass movement, which found in Fomenko and his prophet.