How to save energy during the working day

You often feel tired after work? We decided to perform that eats up your energy and not allow this to happen, writes Lisa.

1. Favorite thing

We have been talking about it for the first time: do what you love. In this case, even if you feel fatigue, it will be extremely pleasant. In order to feel less fatigue, you need to clearly see the goal for which we make a Herculean effort (i.e. work). Without specific goals there is no point in wasting your time just.

2. Airing

The premises should be aired and cool. If the temperature in the office above 28 degrees – fatigue is guaranteed.

3. Landing

Now we will talk about sore: remember, in what position you sit in at work. Slouching, crossed one leg over the leg hump? It is no good, because muscle tension creates fatigue. Straighten your back right now.

4. Business

If you want to get rid of feelings of fatigue, you will have to clear the list of completed and uncompleted cases. Work accomplished makes us proud and challenges – not to perk up.

5. Water

If you often talk in the office on the phone, you need after each telephone conversation, to drink water. This will not only help your vocal cords, but also lead to normal health.

6. Food

It is very important to eat to work properly. Add to your diet fruits, vegetables, bran, whole grain bread and try to eat balanced. This will help you to be more energetic.

7. Monitor screen

Hardly anyone now works without a computer. This means that you’re not just tired, but periotomes your eyes. In order to avoid this, enter the habit of writing no less than 12 point type, set the monitor to not less than 35 cm from the face. And of course, don’t forget to blow the dust off it.