Ukrainians refuse to reduce the requirements to the salary: 70% of the population are not willing to compromise

In Ukraine 70% of the population is not ready to lower the level of desired compensation and compromise with the employer agreeing to a pay cut.

About it reports international human resource portal HeadHunter Ukraine, which conducted the study.

According to the survey, raising the minimum wage to RS 3200. not significantly affected the wage policy of most companies. Changes in the payments stated only 20% of Ukrainians. And even in this case, the increase in pay was reported by 51% of respondents, at the same time, 25% of respondents stated reducing the size of payments reallocation of salaries among all employees of the company. Those who increased only the official salary, and bonus pay in an envelope, and 19%.

It is noted that to increase the level of the minimum wage, Ukrainians are ambiguous. 69% of respondents believe that the increase of the minimal salary will be in the future a prerequisite to inflation, price increase and extension of the crisis of the consumer basket.

At the same time every fourth Respondent is neutral to the established by law minimum payout growth and argues that it has no affect. And only 8% of respondents have a positive attitude towards the established minimum wage and believe in raising the standard of living of Ukrainians and their solvency.

Despite the competition in the labor market, and according to today one vacancy in Ukraine, on average, claim 3 of the applicant, the Ukrainians are not ready to change their expectations from a new job in the matter of wages in the smaller side.

It is noted that every third Respondent indicates that it is not ready to lower the bar and compromise. The need for monetary motivation is an important part of work satisfaction — both during the search of a new place, so in the future.

A third of respondents noted that they would like to find a job with a higher salary than that received at the previous place of employment. At the same time, 17% of respondents are willing to make concessions and to consider the proposal for a new job, if the offered salary will be 15-20% less than desired.

At the same time, one in ten respondents is willing to give in their salary requests by 20-30%, to be employed and earn at least minimum wage. 2% of respondents are willing to accept jobs where the salary is less than the desired half, and 2% of respondents indicated that they care about what will be the proposed salary level, the main thing is to get the job done.

The average growth of the salary demands of employers in early 2017 is 31%, compared to 22% in early 2016. This is not only a common appreciation of life in the country, but significant warming in the labour market, as well as decrease competition with 4-5 applicants for a free spot to three.

The number of vacancies increases, competition decreases, and therefore, companies need to make more of an effort to get a good specialist. The labour market, which in past years was 100% employer market, now on the path to change — becoming of the consumer market.

Data were obtained as a result of the survey conducted by the Research center of International HR portal in March 2017. The survey took a total of 843 respondents from all over Ukraine.

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