TOP 10 foods that improve your sex life

British nutritionist Amanda Ursell called 10 products for sexual health of men and women.

To spice up sex life, you should reconsider your diet. Nutritionists recommend adding foods that balance hormone levels and increase blood flow to the pelvic organs, thereby stimulating libido, NV writes with reference to The Sun.

Amanda Ursell calls 10 great products to improve sexual life.

1. Oysters. Lack of zinc in the body men leads to impotence. Oysters are rich in zinc and therefore are useful for sexual health. Two oysters provide the daily requirement of zinc. A good alternative to oysters is lean red meat.

2. Salmon. Like other fatty fish, salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids which are necessary for good blood circulation, and consequently for active intimate life.

3. Steak. Juicy beef steak is rich in iron – an essential trace mineral to increase the level of energy. The lack of iron makes you sluggish and kills the desire to do anything except lie on the sofa. Also contain iron fortified cereals, nuts, whole wheat bread, eggs and broccoli.

4. Asparagus. Asparagus is rich in important to improve blood flow in vitamin B (folate). Asparagus also contains beneficial for heart health vitamin E. All this suggests that this vegetable helps in better sex.

5. The chili pepper. If your body normally takes spicy food to improve sex life can spice up their food with chili peppers. This pungent spice increases the temperature of the food, accelerates metabolism and causes a surge of adrenaline. Also for passion in bed, the food can be seasoned with ginger.

6. Avocado. This green fruit is a powerful aphrodisiac. It contains a lot of vitamins, fatty acids, fiber and protein, which are important for intimate health for both men and women. Avocado also contains folate and zinc, which stimulate blood flow to the organs of the pelvis.

7. Water. Good hydration of the body is important not only for the victory over stress and fatigue, but also to combat dryness in the intimate area. Regularly drink water, and your sex life will become brighter.

8. Walnuts. Nuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E which are necessary for a healthy heart. A healthy heart plays a crucial role in maintaining energy levels and blood circulation.

9. Kiwi. Along with the peppers and dark green vegetables, kiwi is a great source of vitamin C, important for strengthening blood vessel walls and improve circulation. This is necessary for intimacy without any problems.

10. Cinnamon. The heady aroma of cinnamon has been used in the art of seduction in the Far East. Cinnamon stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation, relieves depression, and sets a positive playful way.