The skeleton of a Nazi who performed experiments at Auschwitz, was experimental

Students of the Institute in the Brazilian state of são Paulo received an unusual textbook – the remains of German physician Josef Mengele, who conducted terrible experiments on prisoners of Auschwitz concentration camp during the Second world war, according to with reference to The Guardian.

It is noted that the remains of the Nazi was identified in 1985, and then had deposited in the Institute, because the descendants of the doctor did not want to return the skeleton home.

“Bones will be useful in learning how to investigate human remains and match them with the data available about it,” said Dr. Daniel Romero muñoz.

He explained that the main value of the remains of a Nazi in his dark past, and the resulting life trauma.

“For example, exploring the remains of Mengele, we found a crack in the left side of the pelvis, which is consistent with data on the change in the result of a motorcycle accident at Auschwitz. In addition, on the left cheek there is a small hole – a consequence of the transferred sinusitis,” – said the doctor.

Josef Mengele (second left). Photo from open sources

Nicknamed the Angel of Death Mengele, whose victims were tens of thousands of prisoners, including children, were able after the war to escape to Latin America, but died in 1979 of a stroke swimming in the ocean.