PHOTOFACT. In Ukraine, noticed exclusive hybrid BMW for 180 thousand dollars

The newest hybrid sports car BMW i8 in Protonic exclusive color Red Edition appeared in Kharkiv, reports TopGear.

Technically BMW i8 Protonic Red Edition differs from the standard counterpart. The movement of the machine meets the 362-strong hybrid installation, thanks to which it accelerates to hundred in 4.4 s. the fuel Consumption is only 2.1 liters per hundred.

From conventional dvuhdverka Protonic Red Edition features a special red-and-black body color, grille color Frozen Grey metalli and 20-inch Orbit Grey wheels.

Inside BMW i8 Protonic Red Edition – dark NESO seats, trims elements out of real carbon fiber and ceramic finish controls.

The cost of the special BMW i8 Protonic Red Edition – about 180 thousand dollars.