“Only White, only hardcore!”: For the post of President of Serbia claimed by the student parodist

Sunday in Serbia’s presidential election, a victory which predict the current Prime Minister of the country Alexander Vucic. He has a commanding lead in the opinion polls, but recently on the second place unexpectedly went out by the candidate under the pseudonym White.

Prime Minister of Serbia Alexander Vucic has a strong lead in opinion polls recently, however, on the second place unexpectedly went out by the candidate under the alias White as informs Bi-bi-si.

Another feature of these elections, experts are still wondering why the ruling Progressive party has decided to nominate they are not the incumbent President Tomislav Nikolic and Prime Minister Vucic.

Nikolic has worked at his post for only one five-year term, could run for another, but in February his party voted unanimously to nominate Vucic.

Whatever was the reason for this, while this choice can be considered successful. Competing for the victory of 11 candidates, but, according to opinion polls, Vucic needs to win in the first round, gaining more than 50% of the votes.

If suddenly this happens, a second round of voting shall take place no later than April 16.

And that this is not foretelling of surprises scene Serbian politicians suddenly got a new character – a 26-year-old comedian-impersonator Luka Maksimovic, who decided to participate in the elections under the pseudonym ljubiša, Preleukemic White.

It is white in the truest sense of the word – in public, he appears in a blinding white suit with white tie and occasionally even sits astride a white horse.

Luka Maksimovic does not hide that went to the polls in defiance of the race favorite Alexander Vucic. The White – to take away Vucic as many votes as possible, so as not to prevent the victory of Prime Minister in the first round.

Instead of a political program wins White voters colourful funny videos and bizarre antics.

A surprise to other politicians was that Primakov was able to collect in its support is required by the law of 10 thousand signatures of voters. He gathered even more – lined up a whole queue of those wishing to maintain White.

The main slogan of his campaign sounds in Serbian as “Beli – Samo Jako!”, the meaning of which in the Russian language is appropriate to convey using succinct expressions of youth: “Only White, only hardcore!”.

Entering the towns and villages on a white horse in the image of Gandalf from “the Lord of the rings”, Primakov not only makes voters smile, he offers them an alternative in the upcoming elections and in General in the Serbian political life.

White campaign speech turns into rap. His constituents, he promises to “final trivialization of political and public life.”

Maksimovic could be considered another political freak, which appear in any democratic election, if his electoral campaign on the Internet is already not recognized in Serbia the best in this election.

“The attention we attract to ourselves, is a slap in the face to the authorities and the opposition. They should ask themselves where they led the country, if a fictional character is involved in elections and people vote for him. This means that something is not right,” says Luka Maksimovic.

In the opinion polls constantly White only adds, reaching already up to second place. The chances of a second round with him, though, still not enough.