April 1: as dramatized in show business and politics

Ukraine celebrates the Day of laughter. Traditionally on this day will be held in Odessa Yumorina and the parade of clowns, and Kharkiv — will compete for the Cup of KVN. “Today” has asked our politicians and stars about how they joke to this day and which hands across themselves.

THE FIFTH IS NOT SUPERFLUOUS. Minister of information policy of Ukraine Yuriy stets told us how one day he played a native. “I have four children. Three years ago, the wife and youngest daughter April 1, told me that the family will once again be replenished. On the one hand, I was glad that where four there and five. But on the other thought, “God, another baby!”. But then they showed me a puppy Jack-Russell-Terrier — like in the movie “Mask”. He was another addition to our family! Called dog is Tender, he is now three years old and he is constantly running around, in fact, like all other members of the family.”

Birch sent the friend on “mayor’s election”

ON THE RISE. The people’s Deputy Borislav Birch shared with us a story about how played one of his friends: “during elections of the mayor of Kiev, my friends and printed campaign leaflets with a photo of our friend as allegedly one of the candidates. We pasted them around the Darnitsky area, including the place of work of our hero and his home, — said the MP. — The printing quality is not inferior to the flyers of these politicians. Many believe that our real too, and the victim of a prank could not understand: is this a joke or is he really somehow became a candidate. The finale was very funny — the management has decided to increase his salary to dissuade you from the idea of a run”.

Sumi was almost rushed off to Moscow for the shooting, which was not. Photo By A. Yaremchuk

ROLE IN THE FILM. And actress Olga Sumska remembered how were waiting at the station assistant Director Nikita Mikhalkov. “When I was a student, I played classmates. They called me, forged the voice of the great Director. I believed that he had reviewed my resume and was invited to appear in his film. The voice said, “Honey, come, tickets are bought, my assistant will be waiting for you at the station. I of course on the joys of packing, rushing to the station. And there I meet classmates with a bottle of champagne and congratulations with the “new role”, — told us the actress Olga Sumska.

“GANGSTER CAR”. “Almost all of our jokes in the program “Evening Kiev” are wrong, says actor and author of “Kvartal 95” Alexander Pikalov. For example, once we played Vitaliy Kozlovsky. According to our idea, its driver, our figurehead, the actor, had to cut Boryspil highway cool gangster ride. After that, they chased, pulled out of the car, and arranged a showdown near the bus stop. All according to plan, the driver being dragged into the woods, Kozlovsky scared to death. In the meantime, the bus stop was a typical Ukrainian family — a wife, three children and a man is slightly higher than half a meter. So here it is, seeing how his eyes “bandits” deal with a man who decided to stand up for it. We were all in shock that he is alone, small and frail, against a team of “enforcers” flooded”.

Pavlik believes his best joke

HIMSELF A JOKE. Singer Victor Pavlik told us that he considers himself an April fool’s joke. “I recently learned that in China do not celebrate birthdays, but instead celebrate the Day of conception. My birthday is December 31 and count down nine months ago, it turns out April 1. So, I have an April fool’s joke” — told us Viktor Pavlik.

How to celebrate April fool’s day: KVN humor and

In Odessa on April 1 is traditionally held the festival of the laughter — humor that will last all weekend. The motto of the holiday “Share your smile!”. The Humor parade will begin at noon on the Cathedral square. Will be held on these days and the international festival of clowns and mimes “Komediada”. And in Kharkov in Day of laughter will play a traditional Cup of KVN of a city youth League. In the concert hall “Ukraine” will gather teams from universities and schools of all cities of Ukraine. According to the organizers, the participants will be able to compete for the Cup laughter in the competition “freestyle”.

In the capital, April 1-2 guests will get to the Park “Kievan Rus”, which will be the “Days of Slavic humor.” The program truly performance horse trick theatre and theatrical performances by stuntmen. And in Lviv this year instead of April fool’s Day will be the 7th annual festival of Easter eggs.