New tariffs on gas: how much and who will have to pay

In Ukraine from April impose a monthly fee on gas and lower the tariff on natural gas. Innovations will hit the wallet Ukrainians who use gas only for cooking, and such, according to Gosstata, about 40% . Thanks to the rest anoplate will be able to save every month. The website “Today” calculated how much it will cost Ukrainians innovations NKREKU, and who can save.

How much would you pay

The national Commission for regulation of energy and komuslug (NKREKU) removed from the tariff of gas one of the components – the cost of transportation and distribution. The result is the cubic meter fell from 6.8 to 6 hryvnia, in addition, each month will have to pay a monthly fee in the amount of from 38 to 288 USD. The amount depends on the type of counter and working in the city’s infrastructure.

The majority of Ukrainians installed gas meters G4 (they account for 85% of total consumption). Kiev with such a meter will pay a monthly fee of 67.2 hryvnia, without the counter – 44,8 hryvnia. In Kharkov fee will be 88.8 m hryvnia with the counter and without 59,2 hryvnia. The average for Ukraine fee – 80 UAH. The most expensive in the Transcarpathian region, 204 of the hryvnia with the meter and 136 UAH without him.

For example, a family of three people in Kiev’s high-rise buildings with heating and hot water per month on average burns 13.2 cubic meter of gas (according to the social norm of consumption). Before the first of April a family has to pay 90 hryvnia, and after the first of April – 146,4 hryvnia (79,2 rate for gas and 67.2 hryvnia monthly fee).

The fees beneficial to those who spend a lot of gas. For example, if the family heats the house with gas. At the moment in Kiev 87 cubes are 591,6 hryvnia, after the innovation for the same amount you will have to pay 589,2 hryvnia. On each next cubic meter of Ukrainians will be able to save 80 cents. Until April 200 cubic meters will have to pay 1360 UAH, and after April 1267,2 hryvnia.

“As a result, those who heats the house with gas, will win, because they have a gas flow rate of 200-300 cubic meters per month, that is, the savings on depreciating the gas block the introduction of a license fee,” — said the Director of energy programmes of the Center for world economy and international relations NASU Valentyn Zemlyansky.

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Subsidy the monthly cost of gas does not cover. So, a family of two elderly people in the Transcarpathian region, provided, if both receive the minimum pension, for all utilities with subsidy will pay no more than 150 hryvnia, and for a monthly fee – 204 hryvnia. In fact, the communal cost for such a family will grow by 136%. By the way, by the end of this year, the subsidy for utilities would receive 9 out of 15 million households.

By the way, in the “Naftogaz” on the introduction of a license fee said at the end of 2015. Then it was assumed that consumers have to pay for gas additionally 17-29 hryvnia per month.

What and when can still appreciate

According to the decree of Cabinet of Ministers No. 90, on February 21, the price of gas should be revised on the first of April and first of October of each year. The revision will take into account the monthly average gas prices in the German hub NCG (per semester). If you find that the rate of generated on import parity, higher current is not less than 10%, gas prices will reconsider.

Gas tariff for the population is determined by the formula: cost of imported gas × dollar exchange rate + VAT + mark-up of Naftogaz, explained in the Ministry of economic development. When we adopted the current gas tariff, the cost of imported gas was at $ 185. And in the budget this year provides that the gas Ukraine will buy for 246 dollars. Because of this, the government would have to increase gas tariff for the population, said a member of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of energy strategies Yuri Korolchuk.

In fact, the Cabinet noted that in the near future to review the cost of natural gas do not plan to.

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In addition, says the head of the tenants Union of Ukraine Alexander Skubchenko this year due to the shortage of coal can raise the electricity tariff.

“The planned increase of electricity ended. Unplanned please. In the production of electricity also has its components. As soon as one of the components is expensive, the manufacturer gets the right to increase the rate. We have at least one quarter has passed without raising tariffs? There was no such. In any case, if the increase will be, it will not be significantly. I think in the range of 10-15% tariff increase”, – says Alexander Skubchenko

Also in 2017 should reconsider the tariff for cold water. The national Commission announced the rise in price on average by 9%. Kyivvodokanal plans to raise the rate of 16.4%. Now a cubic meter of cold water costs 13,77 hryvnia, after a rise in price per cubic meter of water will have to pay more than 16 UAH.

As explained in the Commission, businesses must submit applications to establish new tariffs up to August 10. In addition, the cost of electricity and cold water depends on the tariff for hot water. “What is hot water? Is heated cold water. Of course, the cost of cold water depends on the rate on hot”, – says Alexander Skubchenko. Thus, it should be noted that more than 60% of the tariff for hot water – the cost of gas.