Kiev is inventing a “hybrid” laws, while the country and the army apart

During a visit to France Petro Poroshenko insisted that Anna was first and foremost a Ukrainian (as very correctly pointed out the headmistress of the school Alexandrovka, the Princess was both the ancestor of Ukrainians, Russians and Belarusians, because the grandmother is at the same time we all have grandchildren and not just the naughty ones). And still continued to beg for sanctions against Russia and European countries participating in the project “Northern stream — 2” (believed to be revenge) and the money for Ukraine, which every day more and more sinking into the abyss.

Poroshenko ought to address this as a priority, if he doesn’t want the country finally collapsed in the near future. And to save her obviously will not work with eccentric laws that they bungled on a couple of Turchinov.

Looking at the sensational bill on the reintegration of Donbass, along with desire to scratch, the question arises: if we are in a madhouse? After several weeks of discussions about its content and controversial statements by Turchynov (supported the war) and Poroshenko (tried to pretend that he wants to save the Minsk process) specific elements of the future bill finally leaked to the Ukrainian press.

I must say, they lead to confusion. To start uncontrolled Kiev areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions (i.e., DPR and LPR) will be declared “occupied territory”, but the country-occupier directly in the law will not be called.

That is, this territory is occupied, but somebody strange, some non-existent or imaginary country… Maybe aliens? Go figure with Kiev… in addition, the ATO is no longer the anti-terrorist operation but a war. But with whom? Again, a mystery… After the phantom threat phantom invader.

The Minsk agreements are noted in the act as the preferred (that is peaceful) solution. But this immediately raises a problem, because they have said nothing about the invasion of the country-occupier. There is a contradiction with the first paragraph of the bill.

The third point sounds just unsettling, since we are talking about the introduction of martial law, but only on the territory of the ATO. This will allow the Ukrainian army to act as if she is involved in this war, but not to call what is happening a war (will use the concept of “aggression”).

I wonder how it will differ from what is she doing now? The murder of the Ukrainian army 10 thousand civilians in three years — what’s that? Pillow fight?

The icing on the cake were the statements of Ukrainian politicians to justify this “hybrid” law (I would rather call it lopsided and contradictory), which should help Ukraine to find the answer to the “hybrid” war in Donbass (another concept where are mixed not understand that).

“You know, if we wrote that the occupier is Russia, and imposed martial law, thereby we would declare war on Russia. We absolutely do not want [anything like that: it wants a number of Ukrainian politicians, neo-Nazis and members, claiming that will easily reach Moscow, while their other colleagues are not eager to start a direct conflict with the present Russian army, which, according to Poroshenko, Ukrainian troops are holding back for three years]. Officially there is no regular Russian army, but only the occupants, from which we must liberate our territory,” — said one of the deputies who concocted “hybrid law”.

In addition, he gave the true reason for the renaming, the anti-terrorist operation: Ukraine still wants to make the United States the supply of weapons (it already gets it, but it is limited to small caliber, while Kiev have heavy weapons).

“We have agreed with the United States, and they are in principle prepared to supply us with weapons. But they say, “Look, we can send you the Javelin, if you’re anti-terrorist operation?”, — said the Deputy of the party of Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

Involvement of the bill and the fact that martial law will be introduced only locally, designed to create the conditions for the transfer of American weapons, while not putting at risk the funding from the IMF (the Fund may not provide a means of waging war the country) and giving Russia the perfect casus belli.

Anyone who has a little common sense, after all this it becomes clear that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is a big hoax: one who worked on the bill of deputies openly said that in the Donbass no Russian army, and that they do not want to create a legal pretext for its occurrence. But if in the Donbass no Russian army, who then is “the occupier”? The militia, 99% of which — natives of Donbass? They were born here and protect their land. To invade and occupy it they could not. It perfectly demonstrates the absurdity or even the abnormality of the bill.

And frankly, if you look at the current state of the Ukrainian army, the real war (and not just provocation) in the Donbass to win back the territory appears to be a complete utopia. Such laws testify to the complete separation of the Ukrainian authorities from reality.

The Ukrainian army has to deal with suicides, mass defections, clashes with neo-Nazi battalions of regular troops (as was the case with Donbass battalion) and the loss of senior officers (recently military intelligence Colonel was killed in Kiev as a result of explosion of the car). In addition, it lacks even the simplest things.

So, the most that neither is a Pro-Ukrainian website published a startling article. We are talking about the panel’s call for volunteers to assist the soldiers in the ATO area, sending them (I give not a complete list): washing powder, socks (thousand pairs), t-shirts, bandanas, coffee and tea, headlamp flashlights (for physicians), pots, pans and even vegetables for soup!

Here what situation (professional, I would like to remind) the country’s army. Soldiers have to beg in the Newspapers food and clothing. And, then, in that condition the army for three years, holding back the Russian troops and not allow them to invade Europe, if you believe the Poroshenko…

Instead of the blame on the USSR, the full responsibility for rampant corruption in the country (Soviet Union, of course, guilty of all sins, except that Ukraine exists thanks to him), Poroshenko had better watch out for their own backs there, where Yulia Tymoshenko is ready to do anything for early elections (it is, of course, expects to win them and take the place of Poroshenko). She even argues that if such elections are not held, the country will cease to exist by 2019.

Anyway, the prophecy “gas Princess” can come true even faster if Ukraine persists in his madness, taking fiction and delusion for reality.