Fee for gas and the pension outside the Russian banks: innovations APR

Ukrainians in April, expect several innovations that will affect pensions, catch fish and drive to the Balkans without a visa. “Today,” remember all the rules, which will come in the near future.

PENSIONS AND FISH. From the first of April, the Ukrainian pensioners who previously received pensions in the Russian banks (Sberbank, “Vs Bank”, “Prominvestbank”, “BM Bank” and “VTB Bank”), will issue the money in the offices of “Ukrposhta” at his residence. This innovation is associated with decisions of the President and the national security Council, which was allowed to hold state funds in Russian banks. According to experts, these changes will affect approximately million pensioners.

The second month of spring begins with the start of the program reimbursement — refund of cost of drugs for cardiac patients, diabetics and asthmatics. Under the new rules, the number of pharmacies included in the special registry of the Ministry of health, will give the Ukrainians medication, and the cost of these drugs will reimburse the state. Drug list of MOH approved long before that. The Cabinet has already allocated for this program is 500 million UAH. In addition, pharmacies from 1 April should be cheaper by almost 100 items of medicines — the Ministry, focusing on prices in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Latvia, has set a maximum price for these drugs.

Finally, in April, will forbid to fish on an industrial scale, and networks. This restriction is introduced each year and is associated with spawning in the ponds. Thus, it will be possible to fish with only one fishing rod or spinning. The prohibition loses its force traditionally closer to the middle of June depending on the region.

MONEY AND VISA. Promises the second month of spring, Ukraine and financial assistance from the EU in the amount of 600 million euros on reforms. The decision was taken by the European Commission in mid-March. Confirmed allocation of funds, the head of the EU delegation in Ukraine Hugh Mingarelli, who has promised that Ukraine will receive the money in the coming weeks. Recall that in 2014, Europe has promised to provide Ukraine 11 billion euros macro-financial assistance. So far we have received only one tranche of 600 million euros.

Everything else with April comes the visa-free regime with Albania. “From April 1, comes into force the Agreement between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania on mutual abolition of visa requirements,” — said on his page on the social network, the General Consul of Ukraine in Munich Vadim Kostyuk. According to him, the agreement was signed in November 2016. Thus, every Ukrainian will be able to stay in Albania without a visa for 90 days every six months.

Fee for gas. From the first of April, Ukrainians will have to pay a monthly fee for the use of gas. This is due to the fact that NERC has allowed suppliers to take their consumers a fee for delivery of gas. So, for apartments with a gas stove without a meter fee will be UAH 46 per month, plus a surcharge according to the norms of calculation of 4.4 cubic metres are prescribed for each resident. While NERC promise that a cubic meter of gas will drop by about 90 kopecks, to UAH 6, due to the fact that it will go away “fee”. Thus, if today’s price for gas per month is UAH 31 per person, in April this figure will rise to 72 UAH. According to the Director of energy programmes of the Center of world politics and international relations NASU Valentin Zemlyansky, the winners will be the people who heat the house with gas, “we Have a consumption of about 200-300 cubic meters, and the savings on depreciating gas block for them the introduction fee”.