Bloomberg (USA): bill gates about when the vaccine Covid-19, on hydroxychloroquine and conspiracy theories about radio waves 5G

Bill gates (Bill Gates), co-founder of the Corporation “Microsoft” (Microsoft) and billionaire-philanthropist, good or bad, has become a Central figure in the history of Covid-19. The positive aspect is that the bill and Melinda gates Foundation has pledged to fight the coronavirus more than $ 350 million, including funds for the production of vaccines in companies AstraZeneca (AstraZeneca), “Johnson & Johnson” (Johnson & Johnson) and “Novavaks” (Novavax). But the negative side is that the opponents of vaccination and other proponents of conspiracy theories slandering the gates, claiming that it was he who created and distributed the coronavirus, pursuing their own nefarious purposes.

According to gates, it is hoped, the world will be able to deal with these crazy theories, but also to win the coronavirus. For a better understanding of his statements was shortened and edited.

Bloomberg: How certain are you that by the end of 2020 we will have an effective vaccine that can be widely disseminated?

Bill gates: the Initial vaccine will not be ideal from the point of view of its effectiveness against disease and transmission. Perhaps its effect will not be long and she will be mostly used in rich countries as a temporary measure.

We are very lucky, if we have to get to the end of the year. And then, in 2021, quite likely, will be approved by a number of other vaccines. Apparently, the strongest immune response will cause the protein subunit. Given that the development of a vaccine deals with a lot of companies, we can prevent a significant number of failures and thus to obtain an inexpensive vaccine long-acting.

— People have been saying that if the opponents of vaccination have experienced the pandemic as their grandparents, they would think otherwise. So.

— Both times when I was in the White house [in 2016], I was told that I should go listen to the opponents of vaccination, such as Robert Kennedy Jr. (Robert Kennedy Jr.). So Yes, it is paradoxical but true — people question vaccines, and we have to say, “Oh, my God! But how else can you get out of the terrible pandemic?”.

— Given all the skepticism of whether vaccination against Covid-19 to be mandatory?

— When forced to do something mandatory, it can often produce the opposite effect. But we can say that if you are going to work in a nursing home or some way to contact the elderly, a flu shot will need to be done.

— What do you think about conspiracy theories, according to which you conduct vaccine research to control the minds of the people using 5G radio waves and so on?

— It is strange. They recognize the fact that I am associated with vaccines, and just everything crashing down on his head, and it turns out that I instead give money to save people’s lives, ostensibly to make money, to deprive them of life. If it bothers people to be vaccinated or to study new data about wearing a mask, that is a serious problem.

What about the talk of hydroxychloroquine, which the White house promotes, despite the fact that he time and again ineffective, moreover, in some patients, causing heart problems?

— We live in an age of science, but sometimes it is not felt. In vitro hydroxychloroquine seemed a good drug. On the other hand, there are many good drugs that have proven their effectiveness without serious side effects.

— We observe how the USA and other countries are buying up vaccines before they are approved. Is it dangerous?

— We need cooperation within countries and between countries. USA still does not have any assistance to offer money for the purchase [of vaccines] for poor countries. We are funding more research and development than other countries, but in matters of production and procurement, we only care about ourselves. Every time I call the executives of pharmaceutical companies and the leaders of those countries, I tell them: “We need to secure was all.”

— What do you think will it all end?

Thanks to the innovations in the field of therapy, deaths will begin to decline, but truly all over the prevalence of natural infections and vaccines, so we have developed herd immunity. In rich countries it will happen sometime next year, ideally in the first half of next year. We get out of the pandemic to the end of 2021.

— So, everything will be fine?

— Of course. We were lucky that the disease was not more dangerous.