Hangover after the euphoria of the protest

Sunday multi-week protest ended in a mass rally in Istanbul. Monday power elite Ankara has responded to a new wave of repression. A warrant was issued for the arrest of 72 academics, including the analyst Caliskan Korea (Koray Caliskan). According to news Agency Reuters, he previously advised the leader of the opposition Kemal kılıçdaroğlu (Kemal Kilicdaroglu). He is accused of having links with Fethullah Gulen (Fethullah Gülen), the alleged initiator of the attempted coup in July 2016.

“Call to rebellion”

The reason for the protest move from Ankara to Istanbul was merciless verdict against the Deputy of the Republican people’s party (CHP). The result is going to demonstration for a democratic Turkey without judicial tyranny, a permanent state of emergency and intimidation. They followed the arrested journalists suspended from their duties officials and scientists, said the head of the CHP kılıçdaroğlu on Sunday in a militant speech before hundreds of thousands of people. If the next day will again be arrested by dozens of scientists, this will emphasize that the authoritarian leadership of Ankara is not committed to detente.

The government in Ankara first mockingly watched the protest March, which at the international level covered extensively, and in Turkey only a few anti-government media. It’s probably secretly hoped that the 69-year-old leader ahead of time will interrupt the 450-mile March in the summer heat. When there are signs of success, the head of state Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his assistant, the Prime Minister Binali Yildirim (Binali Yildirim), tightened the tone. They talked about showing sympathy for terrorists and threatened with criminal prosecution. In the same vein on Monday spoke to the press Secretary of the ruling “Party of justice and development” party (AKP), Mahir ünal (Mahir Ünal). He accused the opposition leader, nicknamed Gandhi Kemal that he provokes a riot and anarchy across the country. On Monday, kılıçdaroğlu visited the imprisoned party colleague of Berberoglu Enis (Enis Berbergolu). He’s one of those people who did nothing wrong and still ended up in prison, kılıçdaroğlu said.

The AKP-controlled Newspapers have banned the lighting is perhaps the biggest anti-government rally since the protests in Gezi Park in 2013. Particularly surprised by Erdogan. The eloquent President who rarely misses an opportunity to criticize kılıçdaroğlu, punished his opponent with silence.

Split opposition

Kılıçdaroğlu, dubbed March for justice beginning of the glorious struggle for another, the best Turkey, of course, risks to inflame expectations that can’t perform. The repressive system just kind of makes it impossible for political competition in the political arena. A well-organized party, the AKP, which quickly clears the way dissidents can rejoice the notorious split in the opposition. After almost losing a constitutional referendum in the party’s founder, Kemal Ataturk overdue small Palace coup. Cooperation with the Kurdish Democratic party (HDP) is strictly limited due to fundamental differences in policy toward the Kurds. Until recently, right-wing nationalists were busy themselves. Their controversial Chairman Devlet Bahceli (Devlet Bahceli) led the party, despite internal resistance of the presidential party of Erdogan. It is unclear whether the closeness now ranks.