Referee reward: how many are judges in Ukraine

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko at the end of 2016, said that Ukraine is going through a qualitatively new period in its development, and its citizens need the protection of truth, justice, fair and equitable trial.

The organization for the fight against corruption have repeatedly pointed out that the high salaries of judges are one of the tools to overcome corruption in the judiciary of the country. How many are the judges of the higher courts of Ukraine – informs the “112 Ukraine”.

The constitutional court of Ukraine (CCU)

The constitutional court of Ukraine. Photo: from open sources

The constitutional court is the only body of constitutional jurisdiction, whose main task is to guarantee the supremacy of the Constitution throughout the state.

KSU today consists of 18 judges. An equal number of judges in its composition, delegate to the President of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada and the Congress of judges.

As for the salaries of judges, the Secretariat of the SIC did not provide specific information on the financial remuneration of judges in February, limiting the part of paid amounts.

So, the amount of judicial remuneration (as referred to as wages in the official reply of the court) amounted to 28 thousand 355 UAH 50 thousand to UAH 392. It is noted that the base salary of all judges of the constitutional court in February amounted to 20.8 thousand.

As told in the press service of the court, according to Ukrainian legislation, the salary of the judge of KSU shall be proportional to the basic salary of the judge of the local court (equal to 10 minimum wages, i.e. UAH 32 thousand) with the coefficient 1.3.

Thus, the salary of the judge of KSU shall be of 41.6 thousand UAH.

Today salaries of judges of KSU in addition to salary consists of bonuses for years of service, for being on administrative positions in court, for access to state secrets and science degree. Other components of the law does not, stressed in the Secretariat of the constitutional court of Ukraine.

The Supreme court of Ukraine (APU)

The Supreme court of Ukraine. Photo: from open sources

The Supreme court of Ukraine for today is the highest judicial authority in the state. The main objective of its activities is to ensure uniformity in application of legal norms.

Also the powers of APU is the revision of a decision of the courts of appeal and lower courts, review of decisions of the Supreme administrative court, filing a constitutional petition to the constitutional court declared unconstitutional or a law or regulatory act, as well as making representations about the inability of the President of Ukraine to exercise his powers for health reasons.

In addition, the APU is engaged in generalization of judicial practice, which is Advisory in nature.

The salary of the chief of the Supreme court of Ukraine Yaroslav Romaniuk in February amounted to 44 thousand 720 UAH, including taxes deducted he was paid 35 thousand UAH 999,06.

The average size of judicial remuneration paid to the judges of the APU in February amounted to UAH 35 thousand 660,44 including tax – 706,61 28 thousand UAH.

Allowances provided by law for judges of the APU, the traditional: for years of service, for being on administrative positions in the court of science degree and for access to state secrets.

The Supreme economic court of Ukraine (vhsu)

The building of the Supreme economic court of Ukraine. Photo: from open sources

SECU heads the system of economic courts of Ukraine. Legislation provided that the Supreme economic court is reviewing in a cassation order of decisions of local and appellate economic courts.

SECU also studies and summarizes judicial practice, analyses judicial statistics and provides recommendations and clarifications of the lower vertical vessels.

The head of the Supreme economic court of Ukraine Bohdan Lvov in February-2017 officially earned 36 thousand 480 UAH (including surcharges). His deputies Gennady Kravchuk and Sergei’s Grave, respectively, was credited with 41 thousand UAH 803,08 and 27 648 thousand UAH.

The Supreme administrative court of Ukraine (SACU)

Photo: from open sources

The Supreme administrative court is in the judicial system of Ukraine the court of cassation in administrative cases.

The structure comprises three trial chambers and is assisted by nine administrative court of appeal, County administrative court in the regions, Kyiv and Sevastopol.

Chapter Vasu Alexander Nechitaylo in February, his office has earned 37 thousand 440 UAH, but after taxes received at the hands of 30 thousand 139 UAH.

It is noteworthy that his Deputy Mikhail Smokovec in the same month earned and got my hands on a similar amount, otchetliv, respectively, the same taxes. The official salary of heads of KUAT amounted to 19 thousand 200 UAH.

As reported, bonuses, material aid and other payments in February, the leaders of SACU were not charged.

The high specialized court of Ukraine on consideration of civil and criminal cases (VSSU)

Photo: from open sources

Supreme court for consideration of civil and criminal cases is a court of cassation for civil and criminal Affairs in the system of courts of General jurisdiction.

It is noteworthy that the Supreme court can liquidate in case of carrying out in Ukraine of the judicial reform. Such a step is provided of its plan, and the powers of this court are planning to transfer to the Supreme court of Ukraine.

Currently, the Highest specialized court of Ukraine headed by Boris Gulko, the salary of which in February was 36 thousand 480 UAH, including 6 566,4 thousand UAH of income tax and 547,2 UAH of the military tax.

Vice Gulko have the following wages:

  • Stanislav Kravchenko – 33 thousand 600 UAH (dismissed – 048 6 thousand UAH and UAH 504, respectively);
  • Maryna chervinska – 29 760 thousand UAH (5 UAH 356,8 thousand UAH of taxes and 446,4, respectively).

As reported, awards and other incentives the user, the HSC last February 2017 not received.