Postkrymsky children

The current President of Russia has led the country for 17 years. During this time, managed to grow a whole generation for whom Putin has always been. And it is this generation, judging by recent rallies in Russian cities, the authorities have not learned to understand.


Russian protests take place every five years. To replace 2007 street protests came to a Marshy area. And now it turns out that this generation of protesters already out of date — in 2017 they are replaced by the senior students and Junior students.

The whole brief period of their adult life fell on postkrymsky reality. The fall of the ruble, Ukrainian news Russian TV, unctuous patriotism, censorship and dirty ideology of all possible speakers, and such is the agenda in which they had to grow up. It provided them with teachers who are in the elections are ready to draw all the figures in the protocols and to throw bundles of ballots. Security forces who rushed to check the dance Studio in Orenburg for twerking at a school concert. The judge, who was discharged at 15 days of arrest Schoolgirls danced on the background of the memorial “Malaya Zemlya”.

This conflict of generations could not occur. Just because postkrymsky reality is drift in the past. The hypocrisy and podobnosti. In the denunciations and “force”. All that you can still somehow light a human adult and is not a fact, but it is not exactly clear “generation of children”.

It can scare? “Dashing the ninetieth”? So they were born in the middle of this decade. The series “Brigada” for them — infinitely old movie about strange people and unfamiliar realities. This generation has grown up in the era of the “stability”, which is supposedly the older generation of Russians love Vladimir Putin. But their willingness to go out means that this social contract is not working.

The most idiotic thing that could make the Russian Pro-government commentator is to say that young boys and girls “just used”. Because on the street they come exactly from the desire to gain independence. To them were considered. They are in the hands of a passport and the right to vote. The right to receive a summons to the army and to marry. But the right to be heard they have.

Because the only thing ready to offer the Russian government, is a way of the past. Talk about “heaven Union”, which is without deficit, but with the “reading subway”, “spirituality” and nuclear warheads.

Natalia Poklonskaya tells them about the king. Olga Cowicide — about the loyalty oath. Mizulina and Milonov scare Sodom. The language of all these people not designed to talk with adolescents — he is old and grey little bernardynski. In addition, the class society that surrounds them on all sides, and the tidbits of the future already went to the children of those who had at one time to get closer to “the tube”. In the 18 years of really want justice, particularly in modern Russia is the main deficit.

But no one can offer these guys an attractive image of the future. What awaits them in the next ten years? What kind of social mobility they will be available? Another reelection of Vladimir Putin would mean that the first thirty years of their life will hold with the same President, but it hardly is for them a synonym for the desired change.

And the funny thing is to watch for commentators who try to explain complex primitive. All those who wrote about the “Maidan technology”, “Soros” and “Western machinations”. They never realized that any revolution because of incompetent authorities. And if people go outside to have remembered the most idiotic decision will continue to ignore them.