Coffee strengthens blood vessels – doctors

Coffee has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system of an organism, found by Japanese scientists.

According to Professor Masato, Tsutsui from the University of Ruki, strong coffee positive effect on the small blood vessels, widening them and enhancing.

In the experiment, which was conducted by a research group under the guidance of Professor, was attended by 27 people aged 22 to 30 years. Some days the volunteers drank coffee with caffeine and without it, but they did not know which beverage they were served.

People talked about their feelings before and after coffee breaks. It was found that those who took regular caffeinated coffee, I noticed a General increase in body tone.

After the experiment scientists conducted Doppler flowmetry to look at the condition of the vessels. The small vessels were dilated, and blood flow in people who drank caffeinated coffee were 30% higher than other test subjects. However, this effect held only 75 minutes, after which blood flow was restored and the indicators to lovers of real coffee was the same as the people who refuse to drink.

Previously, scientists found that caffeine reduces the risk of cirrhosis due to alcohol.