As habits destroy the enamel of the tooth

Strong white teeth are given by nature is not for everyone. Find out what things destroy your tooth enamel and how to maintain healthy teeth for years to come.

About the dangers of sweet teeth we to tell you will not. And teach good brushing too. This was on today and so everyone knows. Better we tell you about the things that actively ruin your teeth every day despite the fact that you can’t even guess, writes

1. Feeding at night

The people somehow believed that milk teeth do not require special care that they in the end will still fall out and in their place will grow a beautiful and healthy molars. This misconception is dangerous and deceptive. The fact that the condition of milk teeth can have a significant impact on the quality of the teeth the root. Therefore, dental care should begin at the time when these milk teeth have just started to appear. Particularly harmful to children’s teeth to fall asleep with a bottle of juice, milk or formula in the mouth. Undoubtedly, the child will fall asleep faster and sleep will be calmer, but the soaking teeth in a liquid that contains certain amount of sugar to anything good will not.

2. Tongue piercing

One of the most fashionable kinds of piercing – tongue piercing. First, it looks stylish. Second, if you don’t want about it nobody will ever know. However, the puncture of the tongue can also give a lot of trouble to your teeth. The fact that the constant friction of the metal earrings on the gums can lead to tooth loss. Piercing also increases the risk of infection in the oral cavity. Besides, the metal shackle can fail to bite during meals.

3. Teeth grinding

If you have the habit of gnashing teeth, you know it’s really hurting them enough. Sometimes to control this process absolutely impossible, because many of us gnash their teeth during sleep without even realizing it. Maybe you’ll be surprised, however, to solve this problem, mankind invented a special tray which you can wear while you sleep. Reducing the load on the teeth during the day, and the rejection of too hard food will help reduce damage to teeth harm.

4. Cough lozenges

Only the fact that cough drops are medicine, not makes them useful for everything else. Remember, while you are treating the throat lozenges with a pleasant menthol or fruit flavors, you are damaging your teeth. Cough drops usually contain sugar, which in turn destroys tooth enamel. After you have treated so your throat, do not forget to properly rinse the teeth, it will help you avoid negative consequences and preserve your smile.

5. Soda

We all know that sweet soda destroys tooth enamel, however not everyone knows that even sugar-sparkling water successfully spoils the teeth. The fact that any soda contains a certain amount of carbon dioxide, which in itself is not harmful, but in large doses can destroy tooth enamel. To reduce the harm from drink, drink it through a straw, and drinking a glass of soda, don’t brush your teeth.

6. Opening bottles and packaging with your teeth

Use the teeth for other purposes, and not as a tool. Do not open the teeth of the bottle, do not break their plastic packaging. Anyway remember that for all these cases there are specially designed tools that in case of breakage, you can buy in the shop unlike the teeth you have for life.

7. Overeating

Overeating in General is not a very useful thing, and so is mastication anything. The fact is that, often eating food that you of course do not brush your teeth after each snack, food residues remain in the mouth and have a devastating effect on your tooth enamel. Incidentally, the other extreme, as the refusal to eat, also affects your teeth. So, of course, important to observe moderation in everything.

8. Chewing a pencil

Perhaps you’ve noticed this habit in yourself or others: when we are nervous, we often chew inappropriate items, such as pens or pencils. That do not exactly need it can lead to the appearance of chips and cracks on teeth. Of course, just to unlearn the habit of not going out, but for this you need to try to follow.

9. Wine

A little wine is good for health, right? However, the wine for all its merits, absolutely not good for your teeth. Acid in wine can erode tooth enamel and may adversely affect its color. To preserve the whiteness of your teeth after drinking wine, you need to use a toothpaste with a mild whitening effect.

10. Seeds

And finally, beloved habit to clean the seeds with their teeth. If you do it on a regular basis, there may be chips and cracks on teeth. So seeds it is better to clean by hand.