“And stay there”: social networking made fun of Putin and Medvedev in the Arctic

Social media users ridiculed the visit of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in the Arctic, where I visited the island of Alexandra Land archipelago Franz-Joseph.

According to the Russian “Interfax” Putin and Medvedev revealed a number of archaeological finds, including a piece of skin of the Soviet plane TB-3 that crashed on one of the Islands of the archipelago. They also visited an ice cave, which was formed by the melting glacier, and was discovered a few years ago. In the cave Putin, worked with an ice pick and carved from a glacier a few pieces that gave scientists.

During the trip, Putin said that Russia is ready for joint Arctic exploration with foreign partners in various fields.

Together with Vladimir Putin today visited the Land of Franz-Joseph pic.twitter.com/IA0YbWkke7

— Dmitry Medvedev (@medvedevrussia while) 29 Mar 2017

Gabriel in the Arctic came
Gabriel Arctic is stolen.

— Gavriliada (@Gavriliada) 29 Mar 2017

Arctic, mi you wrimo. Not pdidy

— Andrii Olefirov (@AndriiOlefirov) March 29, 2017

And the reason for the season looks bad. Bags under the eyes. Perhaps, “to ski” they have a euphemism for the binge. pic.twitter.com/HzgIMIkR36

— The verge.Ru (@GraniTweet) 29 Mar 2017

Dimon often dream of skiing
sneakers now and then
and soon will dream of children
on questioning his conduct

— Alika Bykovskaya (@Zorkova) 29 Mar 2017

Interfax, “Putin was armed with an ice pick and carved fragments from the boulders in the ice cave in the Arctic”

Together with Medvedev. Anxious for Dimona

— Stalingrad (@StalinGulag) 29 Mar 2017

Medvedev looks like he stole billions and realized that it caught… Oh, wait! pic.twitter.com/dL7wtpOZzo

— Knitted Tweeter (@twitted_knitter) 29 Mar 2017

this has been only in Mexico pic.twitter.com/3FH107EMti

— disintegration and disrespect (@VictorKvert2008) 29 Mar 2017

At this point, the majority of Russians hope that Putin, Medvedev and Shoigu remained in the Land of Franz Joseph forever! pic.twitter.com/kA4Qx7EBWS

— Foreign Rossi (@Fake_MIDRF) 29 Mar 2017

Dmitry Medvedev gets used to the jacket with a name, and it is necessary to the coat room.

— Knitted Tweeter (@twitted_knitter) 29 Mar 2017

– To extract oil in the Arctic makes sense when the price of oil from $ 100 per barrel!

They are there to protect and from whom, is the question of questions. pic.twitter.com/gQ98xFxCoK

— Clear the TASS (@ChetkiyTASS) 29 Mar 2017

They have security guards in “roundabout”… pic.twitter.com/uNeU3pdmg7

— Catch up! Е7Ы09 (@mix_voronezh) 29 Mar 2017

Putin brought Medvedev to the Land of Franz Joseph, where he took an ice pick pic.twitter.com/iDZ89cZ6IY

— enemies over the hill (@Lndcalling) 29 Mar 2017

None more so than Franz Joseph is a symbol for the collapse of empires. Go reread Svejk.

— Hugo Karlovich™ (@JoN_TM) 29 Mar 2017

None more so than Franz Joseph is a symbol for the collapse of empires. Go reread Svejk.

— Hugo Karlovich™ (@JoN_TM) 29 Mar 2017

Dima above всехpic.twitter.com/PMWDcRFNOp

The thought of Perzident (@VVP2_0) 29 Mar 2017

@JoN_TM Franz-Joseph Ours !!! pic.twitter.com/MQyZZrL4oE

— Lorem Ipsum (@oiabun) 29 Mar 2017

Drones, digital mortgage and technologies on the shelf have great prospects in the Arctic. © TASS

I, Franz, somewhere heard that… pic.twitter.com/zfRWECMXvK

News Kafka (@Kafka_News) 29 Mar 2017