What did the Czech Deputy in the Crimea, or as the broom went back and forth

The Deputy of the party “Freedom and direct democracy” (SPD), the Tomio Okamura Jaroslav Golik returned from a trip to the occupied Crimea. Despite the fact that, according to Golik, the trip was private, it caused a diplomatic scandal. So Golik fell in with those MPs who are just like him, “in private,” went to the Crimea and the Donbass.


Golik, in his own words, went to the Crimea to see the situation and learn the truth about how life for the local population. And although the trip was supposed to be private, it was organized by the Russian political party “Fair Russia”. In addition to Golik, the trip was attended by other MPs: “travelers” from Serbia, Montenegro, UK, Brazil and Kyrgyzstan.


The visit took place at the time of the celebration of the third anniversary of the occupation of Crimea by Russia. In celebration of this occasion Golik and the company also took part. The goal, however, denies that he was traveling to Crimea something to celebrate. Supposedly he went there to talk to people and ask them how they live.


One way or another, but the Ukrainian side look differently at his ride, and now the name of Golik appears in the list of those who Kiev denies entry to Ukraine for five years. According to representatives of the Ukrainian Embassy, Golik was one of “a handful of MPs with low level of political hygiene”.


Ukrainians also called on the Czech Chamber of deputies to make an assessment visit of his dick. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, only stated about this in Twitter that for the past three years, the Czech Republic together with the Ukrainian people refuse to recognize the annexation of Crimea.


The leadership of the house knew nothing about the trip Golik, however, members were not obliged to report their movements.


It seems that at the international level, this incident will end the prohibition of entry to Ukraine for Golik, but he was ready for such.


Everyone was delighted


What Golik saw in his travels in the Crimea? He shared it in an interview with a questionable server Sputnik.


“Everything literally shone with delight”. “People are happy and feel stability.” “Human rights violations I have not seen”. In General, Golik found in the Crimea is a Paradise on earth, where Tatars, Russian and Ukrainians live in happy harmony, but Russia is helping them, as you can, and all overwhelmed with optimism and mutual trust. Supposedly Golik never met anyone except one person, who would not be happy with the current situation.


Of course, we can only assume how much experience Golik was authentic, because the Russian side would surely have taken care to ensure that the foreign delegation is not faced with anyone who is not satisfied with the occupation. But all objections — as the wall peas. Who wants to believe the propaganda, that, of course, accept the findings of Golik at face value.


The crowd of seekers of truth


Russia has long been trying to use people like Golik, in order to legitimize the annexation of the Crimea and the situation in the Donbass. It is sad that the Czech Republic provides Moscow politicians who travel to these regions in order, so to speak, to seek the truth.


For example, a few years ago in the Crimea was visited by the Deputy of Milan Sarapatka, which at the time was a member of the movement “Dawn of direct democracy”, Tomio Okamura, and former MP from the party ČSSD Miloslav SOSka. In the “tour” also took part the Deputy from party of APO Stanislav Berkovets. This group went to observe and to legitimize the referendum on accession of Crimea to the Russian Federation.


Their trip has raised doubts as to who exactly invited the deputies. Sarapatka then shared their impressions from the trip on the website Parlamentní listу. The Deputy did not notice any pressure on voters, saying that never had any military, and all willingly and joyfully voted for joining the Crimea to Russia.

Keen traveler and the seeker of the truth was the Senator from the Ústí region, representing the movement Severočeši. cz, Jaroslav Doubrava, an. He visited the Crimea (allegedly to attend a folk festival), and in the breakaway regions in the East of Ukraine. The Doubrava, an also stated that he did not know who invited him to Lugansk. According to him, everywhere he went as a private person. In Lugansk he was watching the local elections, which were allegedly highly democratic, but the turnout was very high.


Describe color of Czech seekers of truth will end the two Communist deputies. Last year Lackovic Stanislav and Zdenek Ondracek also went to the Donbass, to study the consequences of the fighting and the humanitarian situation.


Ukraine again loudly protested. Moreover, Ondracek before denied entry to Ukraine, and on Donbass it fell through, so no ban will not be disturbed. Both deputies again went there in private, without informing the chamber and their party. The result was another sentimental stories about how Ukrainian army kills civilians.


Whose bread you eat


Russia is struggling not only to legitimize their actions in Crimea, but also to garner support for the “rebels” in the East of Donbass. For this Russian recruits throughout Europe politicians who go to these problematic regions (always, of course, in private) that these people bring back guaranteed “are truthful and authentic information.” It’s best theatre and for local residents who may think that they come to the policy of the developed Western world to support or even acknowledge a fair local demand.


Home, these seekers of truth post on questionable sites their experiences and trying to create the impression that the government and mainstream media are hiding the truth from the public. Useful idiots who are happy to go so, Russian in the Czech Republic found a lot of it.


And although they are always justified by the fact that the trip was private, we can’t forgive active politicians. Golik and the company — not the seekers of truth and not independent observers. To understand their role, enough just common sense and good old folk wisdom that goes: whose bread you eat, and sing a song…