The UK government requires access to the messages popular messenger

The UK government encourages IT companies to assist law enforcement in obtaining access to correspondence, as an encrypted message can be a terrorist threat. In an interview with the BBC said the head of the British Ministry of the interior amber Rudd, transfers “112 Ukraine”.

“We must ensure that such messaging apps as Whatsapp, and many others would not have become the secret places where terrorists could communicate with each other”, – said the Minister.

The perpetrator of the terrorist attack in London Khalid Masud, according to leaked media reports, used the Whatsapp messenger for two minutes before the attack.

“We are not saying that we need to open it, but in situations of terrorism, we must ensure that our intelligence agencies will be able to handle such difficulties as the encrypted Whatsapp”, — said the Minister.

Earlier, in February of last year an American court ordered Apple to provide technical assistance in investigation of terrorist attack in San Bernardino and hack iPhone dead shooter. However, Apple refused.