The luxurious interiors of the trucks in which to live

When truckers say that the car is their second home, they don’t prevaricate. In “sleeping bags” of long-haul tractors can be all to comfortably relax after your journey: TV, large bed, small refrigerator, and sometimes a kitchen and even a shower. “Motor” chose the most luxurious interiors of the trucks.

Modest, but comfortable sleeping bag European Mercedes Actros. High ceilings and a flat floor making moving around the cabin as comfortable as possible. Shown three years ago, the conceptual Mercedes Future Truck 2025 hints at the fact that soon the flagship will be updated and will be much more luxurious. Current Actros is available with 2011.

This sleeping place of one of the most popular European trucks, Volvo FH series. There is a leather sofa, a TV, a small refrigerator and several drawers for clothes and small items. In the photo – Volvo FH 540 “Viking”, a limited edition for the Russian market. Like Actros, FH is not new – it is from 2012.

If you decide to work on the MAN trucks, you can count on this place – however, if we are talking about the flagship TGX Performance Line dedicated to circuit racing trucks. The tractor can now be purchased in our country. It also offers leather with Alcantara, and a set of drawers under the lower shelf, and impeccable quality – all as expected from a car of the Volkswagen group.

The Scania trucks are not only high-power engines, but also the most luxurious in Europe interiors from the factory, that you can shamelessly call home. It looked like the cabin is quite rare Scania Longline, which was produced in the early 2000s. Conventional tractor with a huge sleeping bag it is appropriate would look on the American highways.

By the way, about Americans. Judging by the looks of the sleeping compartment brand new Freightliner Cascadia, Daimler obsessed to instill American drivers to European culture of interior design. There’s no pomp, leather sofas with buttons, antique and cubic meters of wood. However, everything inside is as American light, spacious and comfortable.

Western Star 5700 XE. The increasingly popular neo-classical American roads. If the front panel is made from practical, hard plastic, the sleeping bag was a place of modest luxury American leather, wooden plates, refrigerator, microwave, and just a sea of boxes for things. Available in a choice of five combinations of interior finishes.

Modern sleeping bag truck Kenworth T680 looks like this. Front passenger seat rotates around its axis, in order to work for the extendable table. The standard American set – TV, refrigerator, microwave, and bins for things, including a mini-closet – also available.

The interior of the transformer of the main truck International LoneStar is one of the most luxurious among those that you can order from the conveyor. Wireless Internet, a sea of leather and high quality wood, TV. Sleeping bag LoneStar is a separate small room which is great for long trips. Steeper custom sleepers manufactured by third party companies in order.

Mobile office? House on wheels? Almost guessed it – a custom design from Cowboy Cadillac, created on the basis of Freightliner Argosy at the beginning of the two thousandth. Truck retractable walls (in the American caravan) and one scheme with two spacious rooms. DVD player, kitchen with microwave as well as the sea natural wood – long-range fully loaded looks that way. And Yes, it’s still a tractor.

The kitchen is spacious for two persons, freezer, shower, toilet, even a small heater… it looks Like a small apartment with a good repair, but in fact it is a sleeper from the American company ARI called Legacy Custom. Base for custom compartment rest was the truck Western Star. Companies like ARI, USA weight – if your wallet is thick enough, they will grant your every wish.

What you see in the photo is only the first room Red Giant, which is the longest the truck tractor in the world. In the second compartment is the bedroom, which, thanks to retractable walls, can become even more spacious. The basis of the tractor – completely redesigned truck Diamond Reo in 1990, which now sits on four axes.

It looks like the inside of a custom built truck for the Malaysian Sultan Ibrahim Ismail of Johor channel. The basis for this island of luxury was Mack Super-Liner. Valued at a million dollars, the Palace on wheels are decorated inside with natural wood and white leather, which are stitched in gold thread. There is a game console, a double bed, even the balcony with the grill in place of the “saddle” of the semitrailer. Impractical, but very luxurious.