The Verkhovna Rada 30 years: Razumkov made a statement

The current convocation of the Verkhovna Rada also intends to make a significant contribution to the historical formation of the Ukraine

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine today is 30 years old. May 15, 1990, began to work the Supreme Soviet of XII convocation, which later became the Ukrainian Parliament of the first convocation. From that day began the countdown of the Ukrainian legislature. This is stated in the statement of the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkov.

“The beginning of the work of this Parliament was the first step towards the proclamation of independence of Ukraine. Even then, he took the fateful decisions that determined the development of our country as a democratic state, which are immutable rights and freedoms of citizens, freedom of speech, religion and the rule of law. Already in the Verkhovna Rada was based on the principles of political pluralism: formed two blocs of deputies – the parliamentary majority and the opposition,” he said.

The speaker recalled that one of the most important at the time, were adopted the laws “On the state border of Ukraine” dated 4 November 1991 “On citizenship of Ukraine” dated October 8, 1991. In January-February 1992, decisions of the Verkhovna Rada was determined national symbols: national anthem, national flag and a small emblem of Ukraine – Trident.

During the meeting of Parliament the MP lit up the panel for vote: video

“In five years, activities of the first Parliament took more than 1,500 legislative acts. But perhaps the greatest achievement was that on 16 July 1990 the Supreme Council (Ukrainian SSR) adopted the Declaration on state sovereignty of Ukraine, 24 August 1991 the Act of independence of Ukraine. The Supreme Rada of Ukraine has completed the formation of the legislative system of our country, determined the priorities of the international development of the state, and established a successful cooperation with parliaments of foreign countries and international organizations,” said Razumkov.

He expressed hope that the Parliament will make a significant contribution to the historical formation of the Ukraine.

As reported “Today”, recently, the Parliament worked in a quarantine regime, but was able to make an important for our country, the law on the land market, which President Vladimir Zelensky was described as historic and stressed that “Ukraine was waiting for this law since independence”. Read more about the land market and who will be able to buy land.

However, during the existence of the Parliament was not the most pleasant moments – occasionally the session hall was turned into a “battlefield” of deputies. We have collected the most striking fighting in the Parliament in one video: