Officials in outrage: the site NACP collapsed again

The unified state register of declarations is malfunctioning. The website of the National Agency on corruption prevention (NACP) is not loaded.

In connection with this, Ukrainian officials complain – civil servants are unable to submit an electronic Declaration.

Advisor to the Minister of internal Affairs Vladimir Martynenko has noted, may not file electronically.

“The body that allocated as much money raspiarili and who has such incredible powers in the “fight against corruption”, did not even bother to run the registry, so that it could file a Declaration. I have a day at different times trying to at least get into the registry. Has never happened,” – said the Deputy Minister of justice Anna Onishchenko.

As of 12:45 on 28 March, the NACP website continued to be inaccessible due to an error “502”.

As you know, at the dawn launch of e-Declaration users are constantly complaining about the malfunctioning of the site NACP and register declarations.