In Ukraine to legalize the cars with foreign registration

Cheap used cars Ukrainians go abroad. And not to pay taxes in Ukraine, rent a car with a foreign registration. Using this frontier, since the law on the transit of cars in Ukraine can be 5-10 days. Because of this, at checkpoints weekly there are traffic jams of hastening the time to go to Poland or Slovakia or to go back. In 2014, in Ukraine counted 61 thousand vehicles with foreign registration, for the year they crossed the border of 1.5 million times. Periodically transients protest: block the roads on the borders and require the Parliament to increase the period of stay of cars to reduce customs fees. The protest came to Kiev on 24 January, the organization “Auto Euro Force” blocked the entrance to Kiev with the requirement to adopt bill No. 5567. The draft law will only complicate the lives of transients, experts believe. What to do with transit vehicles, understand the website “Segodnia”.

MPs propose to customs clearance the car 30-50 years

To break customs payment of 30 years and extend the period of stay for transit vehicles. So I propose to simplify the life of the transient, the deputies in the bill number 5567. Another five similar bills are in Parliament, the only difference is the term of a car in the country and the percentage by which the broken customs duties for decades. The bill will increase the number of transients and circuits for the importation of illegal car, said the Director of the Ukrainian Association of importers and dealers (VAID) Oleg Nazarenko.

“MPs propose to divide the taxes on the interest months, which will offset the entire tax. Such contributions will be for 50 years. Who 50 years will rastamozhivatj the vehicle in which it will be able to through half a century?” – outraged Nazarenko.

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In fact, little has changed: while the car is not on the Ukrainian register, the transients pay and will pay taxes in a foreign state’s environmental and transportation fees to pay for the checkup and to buy insurance. The Deputy head of the West Ukrainian Association of transit car owners Vasyl Antoniuk estimate in Poland every year one transient leaves 700-800 euros , and every year taxes abroad are growing. This amount will be added 150-200 euros with the adoption of the bill No. 5567, which is not legalizing the car, while the motorist pays the entire tax. The extension of stay of the transient will increase the number of unregistered cars in Ukraine, but does not solve the problem, he said.

“Two years ago we proposed the idea of temporary importation, but we realized that it will not solve the issue. If we now allow the car to be longer, the number will increase and the problem will worsen. Cars will still need to clear it and put on the Ukrainian,” – says antoniuc.


In Poland and Slovakia, the foreigner can only be a co-owner of the car to stay on state registration. Therefore, the Ukrainian car on the Polish registration divides the car with a pole, who agreed to remain a co-owner. If at one point he will judge the car, it will be right. The increase in the number of transients will increase the number of risky schemes for the transfer to Ukraine of illegal car, according to Oleg Nazarenko.

“The system of sovladelitsa operates only in Poland and Slovakia. To maintain registration, you need to pay for the pole, so he remained co-owner. But suddenly with a pole something happens and he or his relatives will inherit the car? Work and bogus firms that registers itself 200-300 cars and sell cars, making the Ukrainian co-owner. But anyway the car belongs to the company”, – says Nazarenko.

How to solve the problem with transients?

In August 2016 entered into force, the temporary law No. 3251 preferential excise duties on used cars that meet the environmental standard Euro-5. It has significantly reduced the cost of customs clearance of used cars and is valid till 31 Dec 2018. To solve the problem with 61 thousand transient Antoniuk offers to introduce a law on a permanent basis and to remove restrictions: requirements for ekostandart, age of the car and one car per person. Then the transient clearing of the machine and will pay taxes in Ukraine.

“In Europe, the environmental standard only applies to new cars, our politicians have used it for both the new and for supported. If ekostandart to replace mandatory inspection before import to Ukraine, the country will not get clunkers,” – said Vasiliy Antonyuk.

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To reduce taxes it is necessary not only for used cars, and new, according to Oleg Nazarenko: “I have always said that I am for the abolition of taxes on all imported cars. We are interested in the cars became more accessible for the Ukrainians. But I am against that chosen imported car without taxes.”

The breaking of customs taxes for decades to devalue the essence of the taxes themselves – why should they have to pay if we are not allowed to pay, experts say.

“The solution is simple – reduce taxes on cars for all Ukrainians, not just supported, to make the Amnesty, to give the opportunity to import a car on a common basis. The tax should be reduced, but it has to pay,” adds the Director of VAID.

For customs clearance in Ukraine, paying 10% tax on the value of the car, 20% VAT and excise duty, which depends on the engine size. For example, if you buy in Poland used car Ford Focus Mk2 2012 release with an engine displacement of 1600 CC and mileage 100.7 thousand km, it will cost 4288 euros. Of this amount will have to pay the fee – EUR 428,8; excise tax – at a rate 0,267 € per cubic cm is 427,2 Euro; the tax to the Pension Fund 3% – 154 EUR plus 20% VAT of the car value along with excise duty and duty – 1029 euros. Overall, the Ford Focus will cost € 6327.

Customs clearance could reduce the cost by eliminating duty and excise duty. After the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU it had to cancel. But introduced a transition period, from which deputies can refuse. Clean up costs and / or excise duty in Europe none of the countries does not levy excise duty car, experts say.