Experts called the TOP 3 best law for business in Ukraine

One of the words in 2016 in Ukraine can be called “deregulation” – reducing the influence and control of the state on business. Indeed, there have been many steps in order to free the entrepreneurs from the pressure of numerous strings, systematically choking the business gradually began to subside, some even disappeared. Experts rate deregulation laws and chose one the TOP 3 most progressive, writes “Obozrevatel”.

So, the first Deputy Minister of economic development and trade of Ukraine, member of the Supervisory Board of the project PolitEyes Maxim Nefedov in the TOP 3 deregulation laws 2016 was chosen No. 3062 “Corporate governance in state-owned enterprises”, №2418а “Reform of the state control” and, as one of the “fathers” of the public procurement system ProZorro, No. 3559 “Public procurement”.

“Grateful to the Parliament for the fruitful cooperation, because the economic agenda should unite MPs, regardless of political views. The adoption of several laws in the area of deregulation, corporate governance, public procurement – the Foundation of economic growth, improving transparency and efficiency of the economy,” said Nefedov.

Victor Chernov, Chairman of the Board of the Center for public expertise, chose bills No. 4496 “Simplification of export of services”; No. 2418а “Reform of the state control”; No. 3559 “Public procurement”.

“My choice is due to the fact that the positive impact of just these three laws will apply to the greatest number of business entities in Ukraine. Now there are a number of potentially important new laws, some of them concerned a narrow range of business entities, and some have not quite clear mechanisms of implementation, so at this stage it is difficult to assess,” said Black.

Andrew Erashov, partner organizations EasyBusiness suggested №2763 “Cancel mandatory registration of investment”; No. 4496 “Simplification of export of services”; No. 5368 “Reform of tax administration”.

Avrashow also indicates that in 2016 was adopted and “bad” legislative changes, for example, extended the moratorium on the ground. Negative, according to the expert, has bill No. 3153, which establishes a temporary moratorium on business inspections.

Andrew Savarez, legal expert of the USAID project “Leadership in the economic management of the city” was chosen in your TOP 3 draft laws №2763 “Cancel mandatory registration of investments”, No. 4496 “Simplification of export of services”, No. 4484 “Deregulation of the pharmaceutical market”.

“Bill No. 4484 allowed automatic registration of medicines that have already been registered in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Switzerland and EU countries. This allows to expand the range of medicines on the Ukrainian market, and reduce the cost of medicines”, – said the expert.

Bill No. 4496, according to him, will enable thousands of service exporters to forget about the “wet seals” on the harmonization of contracts exchange controls and other tedious treatments. “Instead of wasting time on administrative tools, entrepreneurs will be able to pay more attention to their business to compete successfully in the international market”, – said Savarez.

We will remind, yesterday the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko approved amendments to the legislationwhich provide for mandatory payment of a single social contribution (ERU), even by those physical persons-entrepreneurs who do not receive income from your business.