Psychology bright scarves: how you tie them, many will tell you about

Look at the picture and choose your style of tying a scarf.

1. In a past life you were definitely French. You have refined tastes and refined manners. In one motion you can intrigue the man so that he will think only about you.

2. You are a very romantic nature, and it does not matter how old you are. Do you believe in miracles and love to watch movies with a happy ending.

3. You like to solve complex problems, and sometimes it seems that they themselves come up with themselves. You every puzzle, because you will not rest until I achieve the desired result.

4. And really who can safely be called a trendsetter, it’s you. And where you only take such a lot of creative ideas? From nothing you can create a masterpiece!

5. You are very practical man in any situation. You can always ask for help and be confident that everything will be resolved with the maximum benefit and use.

6. Warmth, coziness and comfort are your main values and priorities. You will not only love it, but we can easily create such an atmosphere around you where ever you go.

7. You like to start several things at once, but not the fact that they will bring to the end. You may even have mastered multiple professions, only to wonder what will stop and for how long.

8. Lightness, airiness, simplicity — that was your highlight. And the truth because the proverb says: “Be easier — and you’ll attract people.” You are like a breath of fresh summer breeze.

9. You’re a traditionalist and permanence. You tend not to act rashly, but first of all think carefully and only then make the decision. After you are sure that who would rush, he makes waste.

10. You are very very attached to people and things. And you can be sure that you will never leave in difficult times. But in relation to itself require the same.

11. Extraordinary personality. If anyone knows a lot about the creative mess is exactly what you need. You can easily at the same time can paint a picture and have a philosophical conversation on the topic of politics or religion.

12. You just as the eternal feminine in the game “invented herself — she was offended”. But that is what often attracts the attention of the opposite sex to you. The main thing — do not overdo it in this game.

13. Elegance is what you have in the blood and manifests itself literally in every movement. You always like to look perfect, be it early in the morning or evening after a hard day.

14. “There is no bad weather…” — you sure about that, and how is that in any situation you can find good points. You know how to enjoy each moment and to look optimistically on life.

15. You love to teach and to learn. And you more enjoy the process than the result, and your wisdom is able to delight even the older generation.