The West and the act of moderate terrorist

On Monday the third of April, a strong explosion occurred in the subway of St. Petersburg. Killed 14 innocent people and injured another 39. The bomb was detonated by Islamic extremists, which the Russian and Kyrgyz special services identified as 22-year-old Akbarjon Jalilov, Kyrgyzstan with Russian citizenship and ties to Islamist organizations.

Such, unfortunately, is not uncommon in Europe. Just a few weeks before the attack a tragedy happened in London, and first — in Berlin, Paris, nice and Brussels… first and foremost, remarkable different reactions of people who were on the scene. If the photos of the Western cities is striking, first of all, the stampede is not affected people who are without a path, run to safety, the camera in St. Petersburg captured the opposite phenomenon: the majority of those present tried to somehow help the victims. This difference clearly indicates the difference in mentality, which is probably due to the spread of individualism and alienation between people, should be the subject of study of psychologists and sociologists.

But another obvious distinction between the terrorist attacks in the West and in Russia, including in relation to victims, no doubt, is the subject of politics, media, and relates to actions which have nothing to do with sympathy and solidarity. Rather, they are related to certain interests and by the ruthless implementation of the plan.

This probably is the reason that attractions across Europe is not stained because of what happened to the colors of the Russian flag, although it has become a tradition following the terrorist attacks. Only Israel, who himself opposes violent terrorism (before he would be called partisan war), demonstrated the deep solidarity of this kind.

Putin is to blame

In the Western public has long been there are those who are always — without exception and in a frenzy, bordering on madness and blames all the evils of the world Putin. In addition to Senator John McCain and Hillary Clinton, for whom it can be said, already, there are those for whom it is something of a hobby. For example, a British journalist Louise straight ahead, Ben, a former member of the conservative party in the British Parliament. Commenting on the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg, straight ahead, Ben said that “Putin has no conscience, if he is killing Russians in the name of self-interest.” She added: “Ask Valery Churkin,” as though Putin abolished one of his best and closest associates.

But let us leave aside the (UN)selfish idiots and “fighters”-individuals whom the public perceives as an object for ridicule and an excuse to have some fun. Much more dangerous when such dangerous ideas was taken over by people and media that are considered serious sources of information and analysis — those who should play the role of opinion leaders.

So, for example, a reputable American news channel CNN allows itself (lips of an opponent of Putin, a former chess player Garry Kasparov) to associate this attack with the recent anti-corruption demonstrations, which were held in several Russian cities, and to claim that was found a perfect excuse to suppress popular discontent. The same way I went to the journalist of the British analytical website covering events in the middle East, S. J. Werleman, who believes that “Putin could arrange a terrorist attack in Saint-Petersburg from-for falling of popularity and all the growing opposition.” And New York Post columnist John Podhoretz notes that “it is interesting that the explosions occurred at a time of demonstrations” against Putin. Diplomat Dominique Leghorn on Sky news said that the explosions can be used as a pretext for repression against dissident groups. By some logic, the same connection was revealed the newspaper Washington Times, which illustrated the news about the explosion in the subway photography of opposition demonstrations in Moscow. It looked like a rug that made the representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova to say: “it Is hoped that this is not a deliberate compilation of facts with the purpose of disinformation.”

Not claiming that this attack was organized by Putin, authoritative edition of Newsweek writes that “many terrorist acts committed during the rule of Vladimir Putin since 2000, apparently had the objective of promoting separatist and Islamist aspirations. Putin is often answered them by strengthening the structures of power and empowerment of special services.”

It is not surprising that something like that could imagine the Western media and minds “at home” in which orders were given to start a war just to cover up a sexual affair at the White house, or used a very suspicious terrorist act as a pretext for war with several countries.

However, it is strange that the Western media have warned that Russia could go to security measures (within its borders), almost similar to those that Western governments have already implemented. After all, what else can be involved in “strengthening the structure of government and the extension of the powers of the security services,” if not the passage of legislation (us patriot act), which unleashes various security arms, allowing them to do practically anything you want. Or not the introduction of a state of emergency in France after the terrorist acts of September 13, 2015? This is if you recall just a few examples.

But is arguing that Putin is a new Hitler, who spared no lives of their “subjects”, would not be worth the humanists of the Western hemisphere at least be concerned about these people except criticism of the government, to Express a modicum of pity for the victims? Very large circulation and influential French newspaper Le Figaro reported the attack, complete indifference, without a word of sympathy. A second edition of the newspaper Le Monde published words of regret, said French foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, right, adding the explanation that the attack was the consequence of “Russian support of the Assad regime”. However, Le Monde wasn’t as astute in the case of the terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015 or in nice July 14, 2016, and have not seen, as in this case, exculpatory connection between the terrorist attacks, the policies of President Francois Hollande and the events in Syria, Libya, Mali…

And Le Monde, and CNN, who said with certainty that the attack is revenge for Syria, ignored the fact that, unlike all these terrorist attacks in Western Europe, the most likely culprit, that is, “Islamic state” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.), has claimed responsibility for the attack in St. Petersburg. Of course, they also forgot to explain to his audience why the “Islamic state” retaliate against those countries that, according to the same media, not only bombard the positions of this terrorist organization, but even help her in action against the “moderate” opponents.

Responses to terrorism

Russia, unlike the West, has always sympathized with the victims of terrorism in any country, and besides, the Russian reaction to terrorist offences have always been different: a cold-blooded, pragmatic and targeted on criminals and their accomplices. All terrorist acts Russia has always responded to institutional changes in their legislation, whereas the West — and primarily the United States — hiding behind pathetic patriotism of the lowest class and anti-Islamic hysteria in an aggressive media environment, the impotence of our own institutions and responsibilities. One of the largest Serbian experts on terrorism Cevat Galijasevic notes that “Russia never did — it protected the state and investigated terrorism as a crime, preventing conflicts among its own citizens, that is, conflicts on religious grounds”. “Therefore, the government of the Russian Federation and President Putin has very successfully built and maintained a partnership and brotherhood of the Russian and Muslims. So it was in Kazakhstan with Nursultan Nazarbayev, and in Chechnya, and even in the same part of Georgia — Abkhazia, where Russian and the Russian Federation have protected the Muslims from the Pro-Western hawks, which symbolized the policy of Mikhail Saakashvili,” — said Cevat Galijasevic.

Important is the fact that Putin has long advocated for comprehensive international cooperation in combating terrorism, but the West is at least hesitates. Putin is still at the UN General Assembly in September 2015, has proposed an international anti-terrorist coalition, which the West refused.

Until now, Russia, despite the fact that is a much more attractive and easier target than the West, and that within its boundaries is home to a large number of Muslims, among which there are radical and experienced fighters, quite skillfully cope with the threat of terrorism and successfully prevented several terrorist acts. Russia used such technical means as metal detectors in metro and train stations, in museums and concert halls — though they are of little use, especially when there is a crowd of people. For example Israel used technology for “face recognition”, giving the opportunity to detain possible terrorists before they commit a terrorist attack.

And yet in the fight against terrorism, Russia for the most part relies on “traditional” methods: the classic work of intelligence, which can detect a terrorist cell and uncover their plans before their implementation. For this crucial exchange of information with intelligence agencies of other countries. And while the West refuses any kind of cooperation with Moscow, a reliable network is created where it is most needed — in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, especially Central Asia.

In the end, the Russian counter the terrorist threat which remains relevant for Russia, plays an important role and the mentality of the Russian people.

Unlike the spoiled and fearful of the Europeans, who have forgotten about the solidarity, unity and suffering, Russians used to live with terrorism and other threats to their country. They don’t hurt and appalled. On the contrary, they understand that the only way to overcome this threat is to remain steadfast and uncompromising in its historical path. In addition, there is no doubt that the incident will not be forgotten nor forgiven, and that those who are responsible for the latest terrorist attack, like all others, will be found and appropriately punished.