Where in Ukraine there are agents of Russian special services

Leonid Grach is not the first and last representative of Ukrainian government, of the political elite, which worked, and now some continue on the mainland to work for the aggressor. Take, for example, some members of our valiant “Opposition bloc”. In my opinion, it is — overt agents of the FSB, which saves only parliamentary immunity. As for rook and his work for the Russian secret services, then we are talking about the change and there is a corresponding article. All compounded by the fact that the rook is actually then used a pretty serious authority and influenced political processes on the Peninsula, writes Dmitry Tymchuk for “Apostrophe”.

We have since 2008 worked in the Crimea in the framework of the project and drew attention to the very close ties of many representatives of the Crimean political elite with Russian intelligence services. Why was this happening? There was only one period when supposedly there was opposition to Russian expansion and Russian security services, in particular in Crimea and in Sevastopol. This is the period of Yushchenko’s presidency. Just when we started work on the Crimea and all around us were convinced that he has all the opposition of Russia was limited to only his anti-Russian rhetoric.

We knew that and the SBU at the time was in possession of information in a fairly serious extent. In our project, “Center for military-political studies” we collaborated with the representatives of Ukrainian special services, which we provide serious information on the activities of the Russians. We asked a reasonable question: “why do you like the state security service does not work to neutralize those threats?” And we heard in response: “No orders from above, there is no political will. And so all hope for you, the social worker that you will be in a public plane to make the existence of these threats.”

The only step Yushchenko, which was aimed at neutralizing these threats was the expulsion from Sebastopol and the Crimea people who worked in FSB units in the black sea fleet of the Russian Federation. But it was in December 2009, before the end of term of President Yushchenko.

And in 2010, Yanukovych came in March of that year signed a new cooperation agreement between Janukovichem the leadership of the SBU and the FSB. And in may 2010 the representatives of the FSB agents quietly returned to their seats, and the same rook out of there did not disappear.

At that time, and for all the years of independence, Ukraine has shown its complete impotence and inability to neutralize the threats that emanate from Russia. And at the moment we are reaping the fruits of all this mayhem.

At the time of Yanukovych, all the agents very open, you can take almost all the members of the Party of regions, with the exception of the lower echelons, middle and upper regional level is all clearly were agents of the FSB. In addition, it was officials of middle and senior regional managers, who were appointed under Yanukovych.

An interview with Bauman suggests that, of course, he is on to something counts. Here is one explanation: this man wants to once again declare their complete loyalty to the Putin regime and expects those that he get a piece “of the Crimean pie”.

Then you need to understand what is happening currently in Crimea: the bottom is very great dissatisfaction collaborationist authorities. Accordingly, a strong smell of the personnel changes. And I think rook is counting on the fact that he may take some positions in these permutations. But there is one “but”. With all the loyalty he has not so many chances. Now Russia is pursuing a pronounced policy of Russification of the occupied Crimea. Besides the fact that for three years after the annexation, a lot of citizens of Russia stopped at Crimea, bought the property and try to develop their business there, can be traced back and very clear the government installation from the Kremlin. Managers at different level are gradually replaced by Russian citizens. The tip of the Crimean remains to show, they say, really is not Russia occupied and it is the desire of the residents. In other words — purely collaborationist games. However, I think the logic of this process which began with senior management in the Crimea will reach the top. And in this situation the rook is likely to take a substantial position very little.