Because of an error of the Navigator girl almost died in the desert

24-year-old student from Texas amber Wanhe almost died because of an error of the Navigator. The girl drove the car to Arizona, the unit sent her to a non-existent route.

As a result, the American stuck in the middle of the Grand Canyon without food and water. Wanhe found only in five days. Fortunately, she managed to survive, reports USA Today.

According to the girl, she realized too late that he was going in the wrong direction. After a while she ran out of gas. Wanhe she knew that she was in the middle of the desert without food and water. Her mobile phone is not catching network.

For five days she ate only nuts and seeds. On the sixth day it was noticed by the pilot of the helicopter ambulance, flying over the Grand Canyon. He saved the girl.

Wanhe immediately sent to the hospital. Now her life is not in danger.

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