Brazil: disaster named Bolsonaro (La Jornada, Mexico)

Yesterday Donald trump was denied entry into the country for foreigners visiting Brazil, as they can become another source of infection in the US, where remains critical the situation of the pandemic. Washington applied to the South American giant is the same as in January — to China, and in March — to the European countries.

As the above decisions, this measure also raises questions. However, like many other measures, which were adopted by Donald trump in the field of domestic and foreign policy amid the spread of coronavirus in the world. It seems that in the fight against the pandemic, the government of Brazil, repeating all the movements after the Americans suffered a complete fiasco. Both in Washington and in the capital of the South American giant, in Brasilia, both presidents inherent catchy statements, ostentatious bravado, controversial actions first and foremost a fierce confrontation with experienced epidemiologists. But these doctors they attracted to the work, so they assumed part of the responsibility for carrying out state policy in emergency situations.

Despite the disaster in the US, we should not forget about what is happening in Brazil, where, most likely, the situation is even more serious. Unlike superpower, Brazil is a much larger number of people without protection, and the resources of the health care system considerably less.

For example, today the resigned Minister of health of Brazil, epidemiologist, Anderson de Oliveira (Wanderson de Oliveira). He coordinated the provision of medical care since as Bolsonaro dismissed Minister Louis Mandetta (Luiz Mandetta). He was replaced by Nelson Teich (Nelson Teich), who had held the post less than a month. Then the new Minister of health was not a doctor, and the military — Paluello Eduardo (Eduardo Pazuello). Thus, after the resignation of Wánderson de Oliveira in Brazil, there is no coordination of action in combating the pandemic.

In connection with these events inevitably recall the controversy of trump epidemiologist and an expert group of the White house to provide health care Anthony Fauci (Anthony Fauci), who had several times to refute the statements of the President, including those relating to ill-conceived recommendations on the use of questionable drugs.

Despite the opinions of experts and the trump, and Bolsonaro encouraged the use of hydroxychloroquine is a substance used for the treatment of diseases such as malaria, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. However, in patients with coronavirus can from this drug can cause serious side effects. Last week, the respected medical publication The Lancet published a study, the results of which hydroxychloroquine is not only relieves symptoms and does not help in the treatment of coronavirus, leads to a greater number of deaths.

In General, during the most difficult stage of the pandemic in Brazil, as in USA before, no responsible, intelligent and disciplined Agency able to coordinate efforts in the area of health. This situation constitutes a serious risk to neighbors of Brazil and the entire continent. In addition to catastrophic failure of the government to cope with the crisis, it is worth noting the increasingly clear signs of corruption and abuse of power by the President Bolsonaro. The question arises whether to keep the President of Brazil post until 2022. If not, what are the possible scenarios?