Business from scratch-no experience required: how to make a million in a year using the Internet

Kathleen Pyle was replaced by boring work in the office from 9 to 17, has found his sphere, and now she is the winner of millions. Now businesswoman teaches others how to make good money from the comfort of home, reports

According to statistics, people want a flexible schedule and the ability to work remotely. This is especially true of the millennial generation, 85% of whom prefer to work remotely, 54% — ability to organize work without a mandatory “9 to 17”.

At the same time to go into your own business is always risky. Caitlin decided to open your online business Proofread Anywhere, which focuses on the proof-texts to become professionals and to have extra income, working around the world.

It is noteworthy that over 15 months, the platform earned $1 million. Caitlin was also the co-founder of the project, The Work Life Anywhere.

It turned out that the secret ideas that she heavily relied on this marketing tool like Pinterest whose traffic more than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined.

Pinterest is 150 million monthly active users and 93% of them made on website purchases within the last 6 months.

So Kathleen decided that this is a great platform for business.

“People use Pinterest because you are looking for great ideas to change your life. If your content meets these needs, then you need to work through Pinterest,” says Caitlin and shares practical recommendations on how to use this valuable resource.

Attention to aesthetics

Beautiful photos is a key factor that will ensure wide dissemination of your materials. The easiest tool to design photo is Canva, it gives excellent result and can be quickly mastered by beginners. In any case, put only the bright, colorful photos with high resolution.

Pinterest users often browse through the tape very quickly, so you need something that will make them look “catch” for your photo. Less text: an interesting question or initial proposals that would “cling”.

The frequency of posts

Studies have shown that those brands that post the several times a day, grow much faster. For maximum effect you need five posts a day. The best time for posting is peak activity of Pinterest users are between 14.00 and 16.00 or between 20.00 and 01.00. Of course, you should take advantage of automation, this can help programs like BoardBooster that allows you to schedule posts from the archive, so you don’t have all the time to create new content.

If you go into Pinterest for the first time, you can increase the number of visitors, sharing the popular “pins” of other people: 80% of posts on Pinterest is reposts.


The most difficult is to start, said Caitlin.

“It is most difficult to grow from zero to thousands of subscribers, but then easier, because you have a kind of “authority”. People begin to take you seriously and sign up for your page,” says Caitlin.

At the same with your subscribers you need to communicate in order to make them fans of your brand. Do the draws, the winners of which receive free content, invite followers to share their photos, place your posts in the thematic groups.