The PKK between the US and Russia

The fight against ISIS (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) retains its place on the agenda. It provokes the various events that violate the balance, poisons the relationship. The purpose of the meeting the anti-ISIS coalition carried out in the US in the early weeks, was to ensure a common understanding and close cooperation. They discussed the contribution that can be made by member countries. There was a long list of issues, from intelligence to military initiatives, from single strategy to consolidate efforts of the refugee problem, the design of the political order. But although all the participants agree with the need to eliminate ISIS, we cannot say that they also agreed on the issue of new balances, the system of relations, political order, which in the future will arise.

The ISIS problem is not limited only to Syria and Iraq. But each of these two countries has a military, social and ideological features, which ensured the functioning of this organization, its strength and popularity is there. Moreover, these two countries are at the crossroads of interests of a large number of players. As a result of every step taken in relation to the ISIS causes a new problem.

Before the presidential elections, trump promised to solve the ISIS problem. After coming to power, he instructed the relevant departments to develop a new plan of action. Today we see that it is not very different from the previous one and entails disturbing events.

The new plan is almost identical to the former in terms of geographical priorities, alliances, military strategy, and short-sightedness of political predictions for the future. In the period when the operation in Mosul was coming to an end, the Prime Minister of Iraq, was invited to the White house. Once again discussed the future of the country. What the results of these negotiations, will overcome the anxiety of the Iraqi Sunni Arabs, intentions and plans we may realize in the near future. And in raqqa, the operation continues to decide in favor of the Kurdistan workers party / party of Democratic Union (PKK / PYD).

Trump not only went to change my old list of “allies”, but also raised the status of some of them. Although the list of countries included in antiepilepsy coalition, a very long list of allies on the battlefield shorter. Some of them, despite the fact that are not included in the guest list on the battlefield are even “more premium” than the state. As, for example, the PKK / PYD.

The fact that the US is not particularly considered with the future of Syria, and they do not have a clear and precise objective, ideologically defeat ISIS, raises interesting implications. Obviously, the main goal of the United States — with minimal cost to defeat ISIS in raqqa and announcing the victory, to leave.

Russia considers the events in Syria at a strategic scale. It focuses on the fact that the new Syria had a device which would allow to implement own interests. Through this prism she’s looking into the military operation, and the internal balances of Syria, and in this regard, the role players like the PKK / PYD.

In other words, unlike the US Russia interpretered events are not in short and long term, taking into account historical experience. About the benefits of sound management of the thread of the PKK within the Kurdish dossier that emerged in tsarist Russia, matured in the Soviet era, and later some remained in the shadow, Putin’s historical experience. It is unknown how far the US will get it.